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No bake 2 ingredient breakfast bars

I was given the following recipe for breakfast bars and made some at the weekend. they are amazing! even my 15 year old son who 'hates' both ingredients loves them!

500g dates

500g oats

blend dates into a jam consistency adding a little warm water to loosen

mix oats and jam together

press into a tin lined with baking parchment and refrigerate until set (i popped mine in the freezer for an hour and then cut into slices and refrigerated in an air tight box.

really nice and all natural sugars! good for me when i dont have time for porridge in the morning!

told my friend about this and she has made some using apricots, yummy!

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Great, will have a go and let you know, thanks


Oooh I love quick low calorie things that feel like your getting a treat!

I posted one similar using bananas and oats and they taste like banana bread! Lush

Will try these definitely




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