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Water bloating!

Drink more water!

ok..... week 2 of drink more water and I am on the recommended 8 glasses per day. However, I am completely bloated and sloshing around and seem to be in the loo every 2 mins but with nothing to show for the walk....good exercise though.

I know I have lost some weight but with the water my trousers are tighter. I read somewhere that there is an adjustment period and I will stop retaining it soon, but am very tempted to go back to pure coffee just to get rid of bloating.

Has anyone else had this, does it get better?

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Hi there I am also drinking 2 litre a day and running to the loo every second and I am sure it's for the good cause I am also in my 2nd week.lets jus hang in there for another 2 weeks am sure we will start to see the change


do you feel bloated with it at all? i wasnt flat tummied before but feel huge now!! :)

will be interesting to see where we are in 2 weeks maimonica :)


I know have you lost weight though what is your target


I have lost weight but gained inches on my tummy! I have decided to use my weight today as my start point and monitor from now on (new scales!) 1 want to lose a stone by good friday which is 11 weeks (not sure i can reach that) but will be thrilled if i can lose 1lb per week! currently at 12 stone, looking for an ultimate weight of 10 1/2 but anything just under 11 will be good for me.

do you have a target?


Yes I am currently at 13 stone my target is to lose 3 stones


I cant drink too much water...it just causes stomach problems...so I try to have other types of drinks...tea, fruit juice, lemon tea, squash or even homemade soup...just have other forms of liquids...hope that helps..


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