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Southern hemisphere

Hi all.

I'm in New Zealand (that was Australasia not Australia!), but great to have some company this side of the Equator. :)

I am just cutting down on portion sizes and treats currently, its still school holidays here so not so easy to get away for a big power walk.

I need to loose an average of 800g a week now to get to my goal of 57kg. So if I'm feeling tired or hungry I just focus on that mini goal if I think I might like something extra.

Keep going everyone and keep positive.

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Good morning and welcome :)


Thanks Lin_40, are you in SH too? or freezing in the NH?


U.K, not quite freezing yet but sure stormy at the moment!


Hi there, I'm in Australia so not too far from you! Our goal is similar, I'm trying to get to around 57kgs too.

Really hot and humid here in Brisbane.


Hi, UkOzDeb, great to have more SH company!

Its forecast to be 30 here today.

I weigh in on Mondays, whats your day?


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