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Well today I had my tea then fancied some chocolate buttons cause we had a small bag in the cupboard, I got them out got myself a pint of water, pick up the buttons and guess what I put them straight down and drunk my pint of water, it was very very very very but I'm fine it I didn't let them beat me.

Just got to keep a glass of water in my hand I think.

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That is really great - well done. Maybe I'll try that too!!


well done, that takes a lot of strength, there is no way I could do that, yes drink the water, but the sight of chocolate and in my hand.....straight in the mouth so well done.

What I am doing is every time I am shopping as fancy some chocolate or ice cream or even biscuits, I look at how much they cost, then put that amount of money into a money box to save up for something at the end of the 12 week challenge, and just see how much money I would have wasted on chocolate or ice cream.

Good luck not eating the chocolate buttons...


That's a great idea I never thought of that


yes I am hoping to have enough after the twelve weeks to buy a new pair of gym shoes, the ones I have are falling to bits, then I will keep saving all the money I don't spend on junk food, and buy something else.

Just a way of helping myself to help myself eat less ice cream, chocolates and biscuits really, but it has worked so far, helps motivate me to look for healthy low calories dinner, night times are always the worst for me, eating too much after work, so this helps lot,


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