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Oat & Blueberry Pancakes - low calorie and yummy!

Here is a nice low calorie recipe for all your lovely people out there. Don't expect it to taste like the really lovely traditional thick pancakes - but it really helped me the other day when I had a sweet craving at lunch time (darn the hormones!) I had just these for my lunch but they could work as a dessert if you have had a small dinner I guess - as they are quite filling.

Total calorie content - 170 calories

Serves 2 - 3


1 oz (30g) porridge oats

1 large egg

3 teaspoons splenda - or alternative. (1.5 for fruit and 1.5 in the oat mixture) you could alter/decrease this if you haven't got a sweet tooth

75g fresh or frozen blueberries - I used a red berry frozen mixture

75ml skimmed milk

25g self raising flour

Low fat cooking spray


1. Separate the egg and whisk the egg white in a bowl until it is stiff and has some peaks.

2. Beat/mix the egg yolk in another bowl with the flour, 1.5 tea spoons of the sugar, milk & oats

3. Fold in the egg whites gently with this mixture. Use a metal spoon and make sure that the volume of the egg is as light as possible.

4. Spray low fat spray in a non-stick pan then place some batter on the pan. Cook until puffed up for around 2 - 3 mins (mine cooked actually a lot quicker than this!) Make sure to turn once, so its golden on both sides. It says you can make 6 - 8 pancakes - but I only managed 5 with the mixture and they weren't that big either.

5. Before you put the pancakes in to cook - warm the fruit mixture in a small saucepan with the other 1.5 tea spoon of sugar and a teaspoon of water until the fruit is broken down a bit and soft.

6. Serve with the hot blueberry sauce on top or on the side - DE - LISH!

7. On a real treat day you could also sprinkle with icing sugar - American style! Or have a squirt of low fat squirty cream! But not too much - moderation is what you need...!

Happy Healthy Eating Everyone!


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Thanks! :)


Thank you for that I have a sweet tooth now and again so this will be something I will try out x


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