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Fit for France


I have just joined and am excited to start getting Fit for France.....at 40 years old I have been told i am being taken to Paris for my next birthday (Easter).

My scales have been fickle and bouncing up and down all week and giving me reading up to 12lbs apart. I have just bought some new ones and will do my first weigh in tomorrow morning.

At Christmas I was 12st 10lbs, will be interestindg to check my weight tomorrow as with my new scales we are going on a journey together and starting afresh.

I want to lose at least a stone before Paris and be Fit for France!!

I read today:

Losing weight is hard. Being overweight is hard. Choose your hard.

Choice made!

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All the best hun.....I only joined up yesterday and funny enough wanna lose 1 1/2 for Easter too........ We will do it !!!!!


good luck with the trip, and good luck with losing all those stones, I'm like you, they just follow me around wherever I go.

But seriously I am only half way through week one, and find this forum the best, it is good to find other people who are all going through the same things and it encourages me to keep going. I'm doing the 12 week Challenge, and am finding calorie counting the best way to keep track of what I eat, my next challenge (and I have to do it), is the Couch to 5k bit. And it is planned for next week, can't get myself off the couch after work, but I need to do it.

So good luck keep in the forum because every post is some sort of support


Holly_f - good luck, I actually stated using myfitnesspal to count my intake on 2nd January, I didnt know what my exact weight was as last weigh in was Christmas at the end of a heavy day, sloshing around with christmas cake, twiglets, 1/4 of a cheese board, a lot of celebrations and a bottle of prosecco (heaven knows how I put so much weight on in the first place).

First proper weigh in on my new sparkly scales this morning and I am 12st. Officially the diet starts now, but just counting calories on MFP since christmas (and weighing myself first thing in the morning on proper scales) seems to have had a massive affect.

Plan is 1lb per week between now and Good Friday......if i can shift 11lb I will be over the moon!

need to check out the 12 week plan.

Started couch to 5k last year but wasnt dedicated enough, when it got cold and wet I gave up. My girlfriend is a runner and is training for the marathon in freezing rain, it should be an incentive but it makes me want couch more than 5k.

Good luck Donimac with the 5k, let me know how it goes!!


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