Hey all do any of you get days where no matter what you do to distract yourself you just feel hungry? Ive had yoghurt for breakfast and ive eaten 4 belvita honey and nut biscuits and drunk loads of water, im at work so cant eat a proper meal til later but i just feel hungry today, i have been doing fine for 11 weeks and today i feel like i could eat a horse lol, but so far not given in as nothing healthy here. Does anyone else get days like this? How do you get around it?


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  • Yup! Did a fast day yesterday (on the 5:2) but so struggled all day and ended up having a piece of cake at the end of what would otherwise been a good day, then today I have just over eaten, with a huge lunch and TWO pieces of cake. In my case though, I was late back for lunch and had let myself just get too hungry, and didn't know when to stop. Stupid, undoing all yesterday's good work (even with the cake I was under 800 cal for my fast day yesterday). So feeling very annoyed with myself, but as you say, sometimes hunger can just get the better of you! Hang on in there tho, we will get there in the end. X

  • Thank you sometimes it helps not feeling like your in it alone. After work im going food shopping as decided to treat myself to a kind of platter dinner, i know how many calories i have left so going to have things i can pick at throughout the evening such as cucumber, pepper and spring onion diced up to dip into hummous low cal but filling. I think im feeling bored and restless at work so hopefully the walk after work will help

  • Hi Hun,

    Yes we all get them, but as you say we all get these days, but you have done fantastically well, don't give up and about trying sugar free gum? as your at work

  • Ill get some gum and try it :-) dont worry i wont give up come way too far too

  • Yes above reply a good idea. Chew gum while you shop. It can be very dangerous shopping on an empty stomach! But you have come a long way and you aren't going to sabotage that now. Xx

  • I did well considering i was hungry lol thank you determined not to be my own worse enemy anymore

  • If you eat food that contains things like sugar/fructose and other simple carbs, the food is digested quickly, can give you a carb crash and you end up feeling hungry and probably craving more carbs.

    Perhaps have a full fat plain yoghurt with fruit or nuts you add yourself.

  • Hi thanx for the advice i will look into other breakfast ideas that are more filling

  • Good girl. x

  • Ive seen this mentioned a few times on here i might have to look into it thank you

  • Breakfast biscults are so high in sweetness so few hours later i find that im hungry eating porridge or bran flakes or weetabix is better to have...

  • Hi i never have time for breakfast before i leave for work so they are handy to take to work, i normally just have yoghurt and am fine think i was just having a bad day. But i will keep that in mind for the future

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