Here because I am keen to be able to boast that I have moved from obese to fat!

I am 1.64m and 85.8 kilos.

Respectable weight when I was younger - but let's be honest, there was nothing much nice to eat in the Fifties and Sixties; we had to walk to get anywhere and couldn't cook until Delia.

Will post tomorrow and every Tuesday until my initial goal is reached.


3 Replies

  • Yey!

    Well done you.

    I'm the same hight as you and 85kg would be great to see when I got on the scales! (Not quite there yet..)

  • Congratulations Lo nice going! Only into my 3rd week so reading your post is motivating

  • Alas got my sums wrong. Still a few pounds to go but it was cheering to be 'just' fat for a day.

    Keep going; I will.


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