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I'm fat and I need to lose it - please help!

Hi all,

I need your help working our how many calories I should be having in a day to lose the excess fat,I'm really struggling to work it out.

So I'm 82.6kg and I was to lose a pound a week (or more, is that possible?) Please can someone help me to work it out, pretty please? :)

Also, what kind off foods/drinks do you think will keep me full? I'm south asian so I love my flavoursome foods! any tips, please?

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thank you! I'll have to give that a go!


Fill in your details on this NHS tool and it'll tell you how many calories to consume for your particular activity level, height and weight. It says that if you stick to the lower end of the diet you can expect to lose between 1-2 pounds per week: nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyw...

It's absolutely possible to lose more weight than that per week, but you could kill yourself doing it. The typical "fad diets" often try to help you lose more than this, but are full of risks and rarely lead to lasting results. It's also very important to talk to your doctor before going on any intense diet. Your suggestion of one pound a week sounds sensible to me.

The best food I know of for leaving you feeling full is soup. Plenty around with Asian influence and flavour. Best of luck!

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thank you for your help! I really hope I can lose it, it's just come to the point where I have no confidence in myself and I'm still young and only just entering the adult world. This is a really silly question, but what type of exercise should I be doing to lose a pound a week and how many times a week should I be exercising? I find time management hard because my uni timetable is oddly structured. I'm not a the type to go to the gym, I just can't exercise in front of people so I tend to do workouts at home or use the treadmill. I can't find a workout buddy because they live too far away or aren't interesting because they're fine already :(


Of course you can lose it, don't worry about that. It will take time and requires determination, but you'll get there.

In terms of exercise, it's a really personal thing. I'm probably quite similar to you - unusual schedule makes it hard to be regular with exercise, and I don't like going to the gym. I'm a really big fan of walking, but you need to enjoy it, because you have to go for a fairly long walk to get as much benefit. Short bursts of exercise are good too - a few minutes skipping with a rope will have huge effect, but it's difficult on a uni campus I suppose. If you're out of the way of exercising, aim for half an hour a day of something gentle, or less if it's something like running and see how you get on.

Hope that helps.


thank you so much for your reply! i've been good with the binge eating, haven't slipped...yet. But the temptations to snatch that bag of crisps or buy some chocolate is so hard :( But i don't feel like i'm losing anything, i know it's early stages but I feel like my diet is still too high in calories. And my body is aching.

You haven't bored me at all, it shows that if others can quit binge eating, I can too? What did you do to tackle the binge eating?


thank you :) I'm going to need it and you too!

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