12 week plan V bmi calculator

Hi everyone, I was jyst curious how other people work their calories? The 12 week plan says you should aim for 1400 calories a day but when you use the bmi calculator it gives different amounts based in bmi and activity level. I don't want to have too much or too little but there's quite a big gap for me personally. How does everyone do their calories?


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  • Thanks, it's just the bmi calculator says 1800 which I just think is far too much. I generally aim for 1500. I don't want to reach a plateau and feel like I can't do anything to kickstart it again

  • So long as your details are in correctly the BMI calculator should be spot on. However, if you've been dieting at 1500 calories and you've had no adverse effects, it should be safe enough to carry on that way, at least for a while. So long as you are in decent health condition and watch out for any problems arising you should be fine (Obviously check with your doctor if you're unsure though).

  • I have used the calorie guide on the nhs bmi calculator (and rechecked and adjusted as i've lost weight) and then followed the principals of the nhs 12 week plan. Working for me as have lost 2 stone in the last few months.

  • My calories are around 1400,1500...somedays I eat a little less and sometimes a little more..this week i hoping to have a bigger breakfast or a bigger lunch then smaller dinner in the evening...wish me luck..

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