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Wright well, a couple of days before Xmas I weighted myself actuall the 23rd, and I weighed 11stone so I thought ok I'll use this as a start weight, I eat like a king over Xmas didn't watch what I eat at all so when I started doing this plan on the 6th jan, I thought ok I'll use the 11st start weight and maybe on the app myfitness pall I put down 11st 2lb just to weigh up what I prob put on over Xmas. Ok so that's that part,

Now I'm really annoyed at myself for not actually weight myself when I started this on the 6th because according to boots weighing machine, I currently weight 11st and I have apparently grown 3inch, aaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh so according to my app I have lost 2lbs, but I can tell myself that I have changed cause my stomach seem flatter to me, I feel better in myself.

I'm so bloody annoyed, what do you think do you think that I could of lost weight ot that my fat has turned to muscle, I have also changed the amount that I eat, aaarrrrggghhh

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I have decided this time I will measure myself just once a month on the same day. My stomach goes up and down so much over the month with my endometriosis an period. I think most women have similar issues. Focus on the fact you feel better.


I have measured myself today so that I can see the difference do I hope I can see the difference in the tape measure


Thanks I'll look at that see how it is

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