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Feeling Positive

Feeling really good about weight loss and healthy eating in general. I'm about to start week 5 of the 12 week program and I'm a pound and a half away from my first stone weight loss. People say sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you bother to make a change and I know myself that I knew I was a lot bigger than I had ever been but it wasn't until I was forced to look it in the face that I said enough is enough. For the first time ever I'm so determined that I can happily go shopping on my own and buy nothing I shouldn't, which was always a big problem for me. I have set up my swimming membership and found fun activities to do with friends such as ice skating and trampolining etc. People think it's so easy for overweight people just to cut back and be healthy but I really don't think it is and I don't think anyone but you can truly make you see that it's time for change.

I feel like I'm finally on the right path and because I decided to do it all by myself it feels 10x better than any other time I've tried to be healthy because of comments by others. I feel so focused this time and hopefully it stays that way and I can finally get down to a healthy weight range. I hope everyone else is doing well and feeling positive about their weight loss plans and maybe by next year we'll all be so much happier and healthier. Best of luck everyone!


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