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Hello there,

I am a newbie on here and have a question on late-eating times. I was once told that under no circumstances should you eat anything after 7pm if you're serious about losing weight. Is this actually true or is this just an urban myth? I work till 6.30pm and have a one-hour commute home; this means I am generally unable to eat dinner before 8pm, often even 8.30pm. Is this bad? If so, what should I do? Does anyone know, what is the definitive 'latest time' that is healthy/ideal for having supper?

Thanks very much and good luck to all currently struggling through weight loss...

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Nothing is set in stone. If your daily pattern means that you have to eat later at night, then that is what it is. Don't the Spanish eat later at night? Just read an article in the independent touting the idea of a 14:10 diet where you only ate within a certain 10 hour window, but you could choose when that was. i.e. don't eat breakfast until much later in the day. (I'm not promoting this diet, just commenting on the timings).

You've got to work within your own schedule. I find planning out my meals helps a lot. I pretty much know what I'm going to eat tomorrow today. if that makes sense.


HI, It does'nt matter when you eat your calories, as long as you stick to your allotted calorie allowance, you will lose weight. Good luck, you can do it..:)


I'm the same. By the time I'm home and have sorted myself out it's mostly 8pm when I eat.

I understand that anything eaten in the evening 'goes nowhere' I.e I'm just going to sit and chill or light household tasks so I'm not burning whatever is in my stomach.

That made me think that if I eat a lot of cals late at night it can only be 'stored' by my body so I now eat my main calories through the day.

I tried having my main meal at lunchtime but I frankly felt tired and sluggish for the afternoons work so now I have a larger breakfast - more cereal or a banana with my toast, mid morning healthy snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and something light and simple like scrambled egg on toast or soup in the evening. Even if I've cooked for the family (all grown up and have mostly sorted themselves out or are out) I have something different or a half portion.

Good luck!


I Can't eat a lot of food late at night if I want to sleep, can't eat big meal during lunch get too tired, but with a good breakfast, some snack food, I can get through to lunch OK, then just light meal at night, I noticed before I attempted the 12 week challenge, I just grazed all night long, so found if I get the nutrients and calories I need earlier in the day, I don't do that as much.

Maybe have a good snack on the way home, and then eat a light meal when you get home. I did hear lots of little meals was the best way to lose weight. My problem is with that, I eat lots of bigger meals, but maybe that would work, eating something substantial on the commute home, then light soup or scrambled eggs after 8pm. Good luck anyway


Doesn't "late evening eating" also depend on how late you go to bed? I have a friend who never eats after 6:30 - 7pm, but then she almost always goes to be at (pm as she has to get up at 5am. She is still giving herself 2 hours to digest her meal before retiring for the night. I think just watch the calories!! I personally am embarking on the 5:2 diet as I've never been able to stick with other diets, feeling to deprived. With 5:2 I choose my restricted calorie days and not worry other days. I try not to overeat on the 5 days but I do eat what I want. Stick with whatever suits you. Diets should not take over your life :)


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