I feel tired

hello guys so i just feel so tired and my appetite is coming back again and i just don't know what to do mean i feel tired again not energetic and kind of hungry so like i want to binge in foods but i binged in some fruits so it is a healthier way... Today is my 11 day of my journey and by the end of first week i was perfectly fine but now it looks like everything is coming back and i am really scared. I am just pushing myself but i don't want to get tired of this cause this is te way that i'm gonna eat my entire life it is a lifestyle change it is not a diet and that is why i'm scared off. i don't know if any of you can relay on this .



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5 Replies

  • I struggled during the second week. Felt tired and wanted to go back to old habits. You can get through this it is worth it in the long run, we all go through rough patches you can see you've changed already as you chose fruit instead of junk to binge on, see the positive side, you've done really well keep up the good work and stay strong. Accept that your having a bad day and remember tomorrow is a new day and when you get through the rough patch you will be proud of yourself for getting through it and keeping on track :-)

  • thank you fibronfedup :)

  • Have you tried mixing fresh juice drinks, including ones in milk, I have used these and they fill me up and are good for you and you can make large ones and put the other half in the fridge. I bought myself a nutri bullet and its brilliant, it says to use water, but I use milk, skimmed of course.

  • thank you so much yes i have tried that but it works better for me with solid foods.. thans tho i feel so much better today

  • Try writing a food plan for the week ensuring that you incorporate lots of veg and variety. You may want to try new recipes which may make it fun rather than a chore. Good luck!

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