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Vegetarian Sausage casserole

Making this tonight. Going to have it with mashed swede (with butter) instead of potatoes. There is a rice pudding in the oven as well. But I'm not eating that! Though I really want to. :)

Sausage and vegetable casserole

there is garlic, thyme, bay leaf, a bit of paprika and cumin to flavour it.

8.00 sausage, Quorn Chilled Sausages Per 1 (70cal)

170.00 g(s), Onions - Raw

150.00 g(s), Carrots - Raw

100.00 g(s), Celery - Raw

10.00 g(s), Butter - Salted

1.12 Apple Medium, Granny Smith Apple

1.00 container (400 gs ea.), Chopped Tomatoes (Tin)

0.50 cube, Vegetable Stock Cube

20.00 sprays, Fry Light Olive Oil Spray

200.00 g, Bell Peppers

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4.0

Amount Per Serving

calories 264

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Rice pudding recommended by BDA in their Food Fact Sheet on Healthy Packed Lunches bda.uk.com/foodfacts/Packed... Just saying... :)

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And I ate some anyway. High calorie was mine. But you are right, If I hadn't put in the can of condensed milk....

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Celeriac is a fab choice and very low cal!


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