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103,000 steps last week

my fitbit goes Saturday to Saturday. The first week of January I didn't make my 100,000 step goal as I had to spend a lot of my time marking. This past week I was determined to fit it all in and I did. Yesterday I walked into town and bought what I needed to and bus home. That got the weekly goal in. And I found a good pair of shoes for my son in the sale! Win Win.

This morning, I have just been out for my normal Sunday morning run with quite a bit of walking :). It's beautiful out there today folks. Enjoy the day.

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Well done, walking is incredibly healthy and being able to track it is very motivating.

I've used Fitbit for a couple of years but I have had issues with them failing due to the battery, I'm currently on my 3rd and it's just started playing up lol, so I have days where I have nothing logged. My wife has had the same model for the same amount of time and has had no issues lol, so it must be me!


Thank you Jft, enjoy your day too. Spring is coming ln hints and whispers. Today has an air of good things to come. No walking for me , i,m cooking sunday dinner for family but tomorrow i,ll make up for it.


Hey your doing great, i was curious.after reading your post as to how many i do in a week around 72300 so far, so will take some motivation from you and try to beat that next week :-) keep up the good work


I have to say, I got the fitbit in October and I've been focusing on getting those 10,000 + steps and trying to get 20 + active minutes in (walking faster), and I've started to notice that I feel fitter. Like I have more lung capacity.

And trying to get those steps in, means I'm out walking on my own a lot more. Good down time from other people. :)


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