Does anybody know a way that I can stop eating everything in sight please? I'm a bit of an emotional eater and I need strategies for those times when 'I just don't care'. Apart from planning ahead (which is great because the problem will always come tomorrow) and putting photos and tips on the fridge, does anybody have any other tips? I am now on Week 3 of the NHS fitness plan. Do you think its to do with actually going to a slimming group and having people to bounce off !

Thanks for any suggestions :)


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20 Replies

  • The only thing I can suggest is not to buy it. If you can buy only healthy snacks, like nuts and more fruits. Then you can snack on them. If it is not in your house then you won't be tempted. Good luck

  • Thanks - helpful - have just done the weekly shop and made a list and tried not to 'shop' too much. All good advice - thanks :)

  • go for something healthier if you need to buy something? Why not take snacks that are healthy with you and just buy a drink and something to read?

  • You shouldn't have any chocolate, sweets or biscuits at home. This is difficult if you are a parent. If you aren't just don't buy them. I am an emotional eater too, most of us are, let's face the facts. I allow myself to eat two pieces of toast with tomato on it or a bit of olive oil. This won't destroy your efforts. I know it would be healthier to eat some fruit or a carrot, but when one is feeling down it's difficult. I also have some diet sodas at home for these moments. They help you feel full.

  • Thats a good idea - the toast, but its the sugar that I seem to crave - tricky

  • Try leaving children's choc, sweet, biscuit treats to the grandparents! I have had a red box (full of treat size bars) on the table not 12 inches from me as I type! Strangely I never touch it (and I love chocolate) because they are for the grandchildren! This has worked for the last 7 years! (Only one treat a day per child mind!). Snacks for them at home - fruit, veg strips, raisens etc.

  • Don't buy snacks, eat carrots, celery and Go Ahead Biscuits, they are low in calories and filling and pretty ok for you, plus you could drink home made drinks, with vegetables and fruit, I do and it fills me up as I make it in milk. Good luck

  • i tend to buy things that are sweet and very low in calories. i really love the new skinny popcorn you can get its very sweet and 97 kcal for the entire bag!. other than that i would try to say when you feel emotional and are wanting to eat try to make yourself busy either drawing, read a book even cleanig as i often find i get distracted and then stop wanting to eat what i was craving before.

  • Try a fab herbal tea, often they have a bit of sweetness too, distract yourself and save your goody money?

    Cravings pass, just ignore them, what Ido! In 20 mins they go away


  • Thanks Diana - great suggestion - I had a liquorice tea a while ago which was quite sweet - I'd forgotten. I will stock up. Also it stops me having tea and coffee which adds the milk component. :)

  • I can a selection of teas, I hate black tea , ups the fluid intake with almost zero cals

  • I actually find one benefit of swapping to herbal or green tea is that it takes your mind off the 'have a biscuit (or a packet of them) with a cup of tea' feeling that I'm used to.

  • Yes - it's the association with the cup of tea I suppose, which also strengthens the thought that it's all habit as much as anything, and our brain needs to be re-trained. Thanks :)

  • What is the technique? There seem to be lots described in the forum.

  • Are you in the UK? Horizon BBC2 tonight is all about diets and why some will never work. There's a section on emotional eating which may be right up your street.

    There's a lot of good tip above and getting a strategy where you don't tempt yourself by having it in the house really works.

    Someone mentioned low cal sweet stuff but I'm not convince by that.

    A single Belgian bun / Danish pastry type will carry nearly HALF you expected calories :(

    Shop on a full stomach, not an empty one. It apparently makes a difference.

  • Am sitting in front of the TV waiting for it now. Hoping it will come up with something helpful. Yes shopping on a full stomach does help and with a list and blinkers ! :) Let's see what the programme says. Thanks

  • Well apparently I'm a Constant Craver - supposed to do the 5/2 diet. A bit dubious about that and now wanting to dive into a chocolate cake with strawberries! And what happens when I get so hungry I feel sick???? Will give it a go though....

  • Make yourself some vegetable or chicken soup, it will help you to feel full. And have the strawberries afterwards.

  • I made a rule for myself that if I wanted to snack, I had to eat a stick of celery. I went for the celery the first few times, then soon the idea of having to eat it put me off the idea of snacking. Still requires determination though. For me, creating rules really helps (calorie limits, one biscuit a day... that sort of thing). I also think it's important not to feel guilty when you do slip up and have a snack you shouldn't have - so long as you aren't putting on weight you've not any lasting harm.

  • you could have sounded less patronizing.....Mnnnmmm

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