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Hello everyone ! How is your day going ?? Well my day it is just being great since the morning. i Woke up and drank a large amount of water to bust up my metabolism and after that i had breakfast which was amazing cause i took all kind of fruits and made a fruit salad with bananas kiwis pears apples, oranges and some strawberries. And i feel great. Later i am going to post a video of what am i cooking for lunch. it is going to be something delicious, something filling and of course cooked in the healthiest way possible. I decided that today for lunch i would not eat salads anymore with some protein but, actually cook something and is turning up deliciously. Well today is my 10 day of my journey cause i started in January 1 and, i promised myself to weight on a scale just once a month in the end of the month and it is really tempting to go on a scale cause i already see so much differences in my body in just ten days, for example my face is slimmer and my abdominal area is tighter and i feel better and lighter, also my legs well it looks to me like they are thinner so i,m really curious to see that scale number which definitely is going down, but like i said in the end of the month so i,m gonna have to wait 20 more days until my weight update. later i will post a photo of my lunch that i am cooking right now. Good luck for you guys cause for me is going great.


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