Both me and my husband having been following a calorie controlled diet but we started struggling near the end of the week we were both so hungry. We had plenty of veg with our meals and fruit as snacks but i started feeling really sick and tired after five days. Is it normal to feel like this? Is this just my body getting used to less food? I have considered doing Slimming World but having tried it for two days i find i cannot stick tonthat either. I just feel i am a total mess and need some direction? Can anybody help please?


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  • How many calories are you eating?

  • 1500 cals a day and husband approx 2400 but we are both struggling with it. Maybe we are just used to eating more which is why we are both vadtly overweight.

  • check your calories. i found drinking lots of water fills you up.But dont give have started so keep going.also palces like slimming world look for quick weight loss. keep talking on here there are lots of people to encourage you and dont give up and check your calories

    all the best


  • Thanks for your comments paul i will definitely try drinking more water although i was drinking water at work as well as tea i dont know if that counts.

  • I had the same after about 5 days (I too am on the 12 Week NHS plan). On days 5 and 6 felt really sick after every meal and through the night, but now I am ok again (since day 7, now on day 13). I put it down to the change in food. After feeling sick, I adjusted my portions a bit - slightly smaller lunch and dinner so I can use the extra allowance to snack during the day when feeling hungry. And it also helps me if I have several different things on the plate, i.e. not just one lunch (a sandwich, for example), but 3 clearly different things (e.g. a small sandwich, salad, dessert) - even if the calories are the same, it feels like eating more and I feel satisfied for longer. I also eat the calories I burn through exercise. I am trying to allow for a little bit of hunger (the kind you have when you build an appetite for a meal), but if my stomach is rumbling I have something, even if it means going over the calories for the day. I have relabelled my week 1 to week 0 and made it a kind of adjustment week. Now doing week 1 (again, this time the real week 1) and am able to stick to 1400 calories. The NHS plan says you can adjust calorie intake over several weeks if you find it too hard to reduce calories at once.

    Apart from lots of healthy stuff, I also continue to eat things I like, except in tiny portions and not every day (one biscuit instead of a pack, a tiny bit of favourite smelly full fat cheese on a crisp rye bread, instead of the whole brie block :).

    Hopefully it's also just an adjustment effect for you and it will pass after a couple of days.

  • Thanks for your reply salaisa that really helps knowing that we arent the onkly ones with these feelings. I will take on board what you have said and try and implement these into our diets.

  • Pauline55, just to say I am not an expert on anything (nutrition, medicine or proper dieting). It was more of finding a way that would work for me so I didn't have to quit. I cannot say this would work for you, so don't take it too literally. Follow what your body says (except when it asks for a whole cake, obviously). Hope you will feel better soon.

  • Thanks salaisa appreciated xx

  • Maybe up your calories and drop slower. I checked mine on the bmi checker and it recommended how many calories to drop to.

  • I'll have a look at the BMI checker and see what the most calories i can have to lose weight xx

  • I'll have a look at the BMI checker and see what the most calories i can have to lose weight xx

  • Tea is ok.But on another point,being hungry is a bad thing,our problems come from eating when not hungry.i found that as long as you know you getting 3 meals a day and some snacks it is not to much of a problem


    paul -j

  • I know what you mean Paul but you've got to have a snack whilst watching tv. I cant sleep if I'm hungry x

  • What I do is I use as little of my calories. For breakfast and lunch.and save the bulk for tea. And snacks in the evening. It is working for me. It is just an idea that might help you.


    Paul-j x

    Ps get rid of the tv. We not had one for ten years now x

  • Make sure you are getting a good amount of protein in each of your meals. Perhaps swap cereal for eggs at breakfast. Don't get too hung up on calories.

  • Penel i usually have banana on wholemeal bread for my breakfast i find that quite filling and sees me through till lunchtime. I can be quite good at work its when i get home and had my tea i start rooting in cupboards and fridge and also at weekends. I do have omelette sometimes for breakfast but only occasionally it depends if i have time in the morning but some mornings i can barely manage to eat xx

  • If you are feeling sick and tired, perhaps you have changed your diet too much, too quickly. If you are feeling hungry in the evenings it may be because you have gone too low fat! I know everyone says it's too high in calories, but your body needs some fat to make hormones and carry vitamins around in the blood stream. Try having some meat with natural fat, or use olive oil or butter in you cooking.

    I have found my weight loss is improved, and I am not hungry, if I cut down on carbs but keep full fat foods in my diet. What you eat is just as important as how many calories you eat.

    Different things work for different people, so I hope you can find what works for you.

  • Thanks lose i will certainly look at that x

  • I use the health sidekick as well as the 12 week challenge, I'm in week 1, for getting a quick breakfast a smoothie could work, soak some oats the night before and wizz them with some fruit, then at night time, drink lots of herbal tea and water, even chew on some mint leaves, and clean your teeth, anything to stop the night binging getting out of control again, my worst time is evening too, so like Paul I save a few calories to indulge at night, like boiled egg, celery and dip, maybe swap some of the vegie calories fro protein calories, that helps me a bit.

  • Thanks DoniMac ill keep these snacks in mind x

  • Have you tried My Fitness Pal? I found it really helpful for logging food and highlighting portion sizes.

    Start the day with a good breakfast. Porridge with fruit and honey, oat muesli with fruit and yogurt are my favourites. They 'break the fast' but also provide a slow release of energy during the morning.

    Having snack meals throughout the day can help. Don't starve yourself. If you feel hungry drink a glass of water (you may be thirsty rather than hungry) then wait 20 minutes. If you are still hungry have a snack. Pre-plan snacks so you know what you will have. Try to avoid choosing food when hungry. Chopped veg or dried fruits and nuts are good for snack meals.

    Do you eat a lot of meat? Meat can use up a lot of your calories. Try adding beans and pulses to bulk out a dish while slightly reducing the amount of meat you use. Don't remove all the foods you like but look at different ways to serve them.

    You are doing really well. You've started to make changes for a healthier lifestyle. Keep exploring different options and make choosing, preparing and eating your meals a fun and interesting experience.

  • Thanks Juliejogs for your kind words i will certainly bear your ideas in mind xx

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