Feeling down

Hey all im on week 11 but have really struggled this week, my partner is on holiday and we have had a massive argument while hes been away, so lonely while hes been away, and my best friend is ill so cant see her. Ive managed to stick below my calorie limit which is something but ive definitely eating the wrong foods, too many comfort foods like crisps or chocolate. Have done a little exercise just seem to of hit a slump and struggling to get over it. I know i have done wonderfully so far and i really dont want to let my slump get in the way of my good work. Just really depressed atm, im glad i dont have many snacks in the house like i used to otherwise it couldve been alot worse. 12 hour shift tomorrow so should be able to stay active and busy to take my mind off things. Night time is definitely worse as i dont like being home alone, too many thoughts going round my head....

Trying to stay strong and positive as my cross trainer arrived this week, took 2 hours to build but its awesome, so upping the intensity of what exercise i have done. Been window shopping round town today so spent about 2 hours walking so thats some exercise done today.

Also started making healthier foods to freeze to stop myself buying takeaway when i get home after a 12 hour shift, instead i have pre made meals ready to go :-)

Tomorrow is another day

Hope you are all having a good week


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18 Replies

  • We all get down times. Don't give in, you can do it.

  • Thanks for the support. Hate when i get like this but i wont let it beat me

  • Hey, keep going, you have done so well to get to week 11, I am on week 1 and already feel deprived, you have done well, and don't forget the arguments with the partner would have happened anyway.

    Just take care of yourself and keep going.

    Well done and good luck

  • Thank you, im feeling a bit better today thankfully and back on track. Good luck to you too

  • Good luck! You seem on the right track, I need to plan as I have a lot of late shifts this week too.

    Food does not comfort ultimately, just gives us a fat or 'sugar' fix.

    Stay strong, we all have weak moments

  • Yeah always feel groggy after junk food nowadays although nice to see my body changing for the better. Thank you for the support

  • Very welcome!

  • I do know how your feeling I have been retired now since 2007 and I went to a very dark place and really wanted to do something silly I thought I was useless a waster and a burdon on my wife and children who are all grown up and independant so they did not want me as they thought seeing as I was ill they tried not to get me involved, but it only made things worse. Now I am getting by and out of the dark days and am finally worth something other than a waste of time. I collect the grandchildren from School in the car as I have mobility problems so this is great they need me my weight got so I went from a 38 waist to a 44 I was mortified so I took the bull by the horns and started to eat sensibly I have lost nearly all the weight I put on and hope to lose some more soon I am back to 42 and going down SLOWLY, So Miss or Mr fibronfedup Keep at it I have realised that there are a lot of people in this world of our's who are a lot worse of than us Legs arms and bodies which are shattered from the conflict which are shown on the news every night And I think I am very lucky I can walk short distances and I can talk and see and use my brain to it's full potential this I am grateful for please take care it's hard but If I can do it you can too all you need is the members of this Pain Site to help you.

    Take Care fibronfedup its up to you now and GOOD LUCK

    [ Colboy ] Hereford

  • Hey thats a great way to think thank you, i always find it easy to give the good advice harder to follow it myself but starting to feel better today so thats a start. Good luck with your weight loss journey and keep up the good work

  • Thanks a lot I do know what your saying it's ok people telling you it;s going to be ok but it never is so you have to do it yourself Take Care And good luck in everything you do

  • Hi Angel

    It is hard when you're alone to keep focused, and you've done really well!!

    I wish i was so organised, i gonna take a tip from you and freeze some meals for when i don't feel up to making a meal.

    I have a special poem i send to poeple who are in need of comfort and support, and this ones just what you need rite now!!

    When angels sense you need them

    And angels always do

    They come unseen froom everywhere

    To help and comfort yo

    They hover close beside you

    Till all your fears are gone

    Till they can see you're ready

    Once again to carry on

    Then some of them fly away

    and take their love

    To someone else who needs the love

    Of angels very much

    But one at least stays with you

    To be your comfort and your guide

    Because guardian angels never leave you

    They are always by your side!!

    Print it out and put it where you'll get most comfort from it.

    Take care and gentle hugs and angel blessings XX00XX

  • Thank you thats really sweet! Im going to put it into my positivity book when i get home. I have a box with things i find motivational or positive and before photos, and goal clothes etc.. helps keep me focused. Thank you again

  • I really like this poem also and for anyone having a hard time,just stick with it and the bad feeling will pass,I have to just distract myself,eg by reading the above and I start to feel much better by the distraction and the bad thoughts get bigger ,the more attention they get,so good luck and chocolates and crisps are also my downfall also when I allow my negative thinking too much space,thank you also as I feel good from all the sharing

  • Hey ive definitely doing the distraction technique alot this last week on the plus side getting a good sort out in the flat done lol.

    All the best

  • you're welcome Angel,

    i'm always here if you need someone

    take care and more gentle hugs and angel blessings coming your way XXX00XXX

  • hi fibronfedup,

    I hope you are feeling a lot more positive today. You inspired me yesterday to go for a swim. I hadn't been since before Christmas and had started to look for excuses not to go. You made me stop feeling sorry for myself. I went and feel so much better for it and remotivated!

    I hope you can sort out the problem with your partner. I know how difficult it is to maintain a relationship through the week on the phone! Somehow on the phone you feel you have to talk because you are paying for a call amongst other things and you know it is important to be in touch, but when you can't see someone else's face when you are talking, it is harder to gauge whether to speak or not! You can't do any of those non verbal things which get you through a situation, smile, raise your eyebrows, squeeze someone's hand to say you didn't mean it like that. I hope when he gets back home, you can put it right and put it behind you. xx

  • Hey thanx for your kind words hes talking again which is a good sign lol. Definitely feeling more positive today, looking back even tho i felt awful i still did a little exercise and stuck to my calories so have come a long way only a few months ago i wouldve eaten more than that in one sitting while feeling sorry for myself so heading in the right direction. Glad you.enjoyed your swim i havent been in years maybe ill start again once its warmer :-)

  • Xx

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