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Help!!! :(

Hi everyone, I am desperate to lose weight around 3.5-4 stone but really struggle, the more I try to diet the more I want to eat. I am also trying to stop smoking! I have down loaded the couch to 5k but am struggling to even start it as I lack confidence I feel at the minute that I am a complete mess, could really do with some advice/support, thank you!

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Hi there!

It sounds to me like you are maybe putting a little too much pressure on yourself! Trying to lose weight, stop smoking and start exercising all at once makes it seem like you have a mountain to climb!

I've never been a smoker but I sympathise with people trying to give it up - it must be so hard! Maybe try focusing on that first, because exercising will probably seem easier once you have stopped smoking anyway.

In terms of weight, maybe just try making a few smaller changes while you are in the process of stopping smoking. Just things like going for lighter options (of butter, mayo, milk that kind of thing), cutting out any really unhealthy snacks but don't be too hard on yourself! Hopefully some weight will come off while you are facing the big challenge of quitting smoking. This should boost your confidence and make starting exercising seem like less of a challenge.

Hope that helped in some way! And good luck :)


Thanks for that :)


Thanks have had a look and it makes a lot of sense :)


I found just taking one item of my dinner plate was a good start...then having a diary with my weight for each week...but only weighting myself once a week...as a set goal...made it easier..as if you weight each day got depressing as some days you put on lbs and others taken off..small steps...

Hope you have a good week...


Thank you :) I am going to try the 5:2 diet and am thinking about buying the Charlotte Crosbie dvd I need to enjoy what ever I am doing or I give up straight away lol


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