Friday weigh in and what I'm cooking up today

I lost two pounds this week. Very happy. Food hasn't been perfect Wednesday and Thursday, but not too bad. I've got 76,000 steps so far, with two more days on that tally. Am wondering if the rain tonight will defeat me.

With my Home Cooking Skills course this term, I'm focusing on budgeting and economical cooking. I'm doing two of the same demonstration today. Getting across the idea of bulk cooking and portioning out to save money.

So I'm going to make a beef chilli. I've got 750 grams of Aldi's beef mince and have just entered the recipe in on myfitnesspal. I can get 10 lunches out if it for 286 calories each. I'm going to bag the portions up and freeze them in school. That's my lunches sorted out for the next two weeks! So excited. I really love chilli and I really love saving money. All the ingredients bar the mince are in my cupboards and fridge, so I am genuinely saving money. Will figure out the cost overall later.

It's been a challenging week at work, but I'm not too stressed.

Monday after school I'm going for the nhs health check. Kind of excited. #datageek


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7 Replies

  • Well that's an excellent achievement on the weight loss & to have clocked up that many steps is fab too. Keep it up & how are you making the chilli from store cupboard ingredients as I'm using my fitness pal & that would really help me with the chilli

  • Thank you! I'll post a recipe later today, gotta do it for the lesson. Have a fab day!

  • Jessfoodteacher, what do you use for counting steps? I donwloaded Pacer (advertised as compatible with My Fitness Pal), but find it rather inadequate. Tips most appreciated!

  • I have a great little Fitbit Zip which is the 'entry level' Fitbit and it does all I want it to, ie it measures my steps and distance covered and, yes, it can link to MyFitnessPal. The important thing though is not to eat back your exercise calories burned as they're a bonus when you're trying to lose weight.

  • I had an Omron for about 2 years. It a great step counter. keeps data for a week. I would write up the daily numbers in a spread sheet. I dropped it and it stopped working in September. For my birthday my family got me a Fitbit One. And I love it. I hook in on the middle front bit of my bra and forget about it and it can't be seen. It measures my sleep at night as well when I wear it in a wrist band holder. It links well with My Fitness Pal. Both are great. Big difference in price I think though.

  • First week over and lost 6lb very pleased just the motivation to keep me going.also done 2 days on the couch to is the start of a long road i think. good luck to every one and keep going

  • Well done to you too paul-j!

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