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Little bit daunt by how much I need to loose

Hello everyone.

I have just turned 29 and weight about 19 and a half stone. I want to loose 10 stone in all. I'm fed up with feeling uncomfortable and tired etc. I've just signed up to this weight loss plan and have joined the gym so I'm feeling optimistic so far... But just a bit daunted. Some support from you all would be amazing!

Thank you. :)

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Hi we'll done on making a start. I'm 19 1/2 stone and just starting.

Good luck

Keep in touch



Hi leanneyface

looks like we're in the same boat. I've just joined this website for some encouragement every now and again :)

I've started "dieting" at the end of October as I stepped on the scales and it popped up at 104 kg (just over 16 st), at my hight that meant a BMI of over 43.

All in all I would like to get down to about 55 kg (nearly 8 st) = I need to half my weight!

Since October I managed to shed about 13 kg (about 2 st), as expected it slowed down over the holidays - I wonder why ;)

I find the combination of tracking all food consumed along with keeping track of how many calories burnt to be working for me.

I use a pedometer, linked to my phone, to keep track of every step I take, with that I know how many calories I burnt and can ensure I stay within a 800-1000 kcal daily deficit.

I hope you manage to stay on track and get off to a good start - If I can do it, so can you :)

Good luck :)


Good luck, I have joined site tonight and believe the support from the site will help keep me motivated.


Thankyou all so much! I'm excited! I don't do too badly at Christmas to be honest

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Hi and welcome to the group!! I started.on here 11 weeks ago at 19st 13lbs so can completely understand how daunting it can seem, but i can assure you it is possible. Take it a stone at a time, smaller goals help so much. Im now 2 stone down and feel so much better.

Plan it out, have healthy snacks available to take to work so you dont get tempted by vending machines.

Good luck, keep us updated :-)


Well you've started, that is the fab bit, your brain is willing to help the body!

Be warned of portion sizes, they take a while to get used to, snacking for me is vital too., 2 roughly 100cals a day helps, divide my day into 5 bits, b'fast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.

I've found great recipes that keep me focused, I also find sliced cheese ( yes I love french cheese) helps, as are portioned packs, crisps and the like, I feel far less tempted to over eat that way.

I hope these things help,Mir will be tough, you are not alone tho, we all struggle at times


Hiya - just joined up as well and happy to offer support - I weighed in at 17st 11lbs on Monday with a BMI of 41.4 and needing to lose 7st for health reasons as well as to look better. I'm not doing the gym yet - most of the bikes in ours have a maximum user weight which I am well over, but am walking or swimming for an hour each day without fail and cutting out completely my big downfall, chips. If you're up for it happy to buddy up x


Well done you firstly !

It is daunting when you look at it as x amounts of stones or pounds, so don't look at it that way, ( I'm in the same boat as you ) little goals like 1/2 stone are better. You can celebrate each 1/2 a stone.........

All the best to you and catch you again !


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