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Just finished day 2 and have done ok but according to fitness pal i am still having too much sugar and fat even though i have eaten as healthily as possible. With yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, a prawn salad for lunch and a smoked tofu stir fry and then fruit for pudding. I did have an eat natural cereal bar for a snack too. I thought i had been really good but Fitness pal says i am way over...any idea as to why?

Thanks :)

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I'm using my fitness pal, however I dont really take too much notice to the nutrition part especially if I know I'm eating healthy, otherwise it will start to make your weight loss journey a bit of a nightmare working out all the while what amount of sugar and fats your eating as they are all broken down into different elements of fat an sugars. If you stick to your calorie allowance you will defo lose weight at the end of this week. Good luck & look forward to your updates


Hi Timetoloseitluce

I agree with bootyliciouss's idea of not paying too much attention to the nutrition part. However keeping an eye on sat fat is important...

In regards to sugar - if you are worried - fruit consists of mainly sugar, water and fibre.

If you have loads of fruit you will quickly reach your sugar needs.

Try swapping some fruit for veg.

I have humous with carrots or peppers as a snack or for lunch.

As for low sugar fruits, try sticking to berries. And as tempting as they are, grapes are very high in sugar - I know they make a nice snack ;)


The nutrition part is very important if you want to be healthy as well as lose weight. Check that your yoghurt does not have added sugar in, plain yoghurt has about 6 grms per 100 grms natural lactose sugar. The cereal bar may be high in sugar as well. Did the prawn salad have a dressing? Food can be advertised as being "healthy" when it really isn't.


I remember noticing that when I started using my fitness pal too. If you look down your diary entries on the website you can see what has the highest levels of each nutrient. As others have said you will probably find it is the fruit but worth just having a look in case it is something you thought was healthy that you can swap for something lower sugar.


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