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I'm so unhappy with myself. My dad is making snack when I don't want to and it's annoying me and It's stressing me out, everything is stressing me out. After I had dinner I went into the extension at the back of the house I exercise and I just needed to eat more food so I ate some cereal and forced myself to stop and even though I felt like I needed it, I know I shouldn't have had it. After that I exercise but not for the full hour of exercise that I usually do. I shouldn't have had it, I'm just so unhappy with myself and I don't know what to do anymore. Im scared if I add on weight even though I'm told that I am slim. When I snack I just feel bad about it. Today I though about making myself sick but though not to do it, I thought I would be sick because after I ate I exercise straight away, even though I know I should have waited. I am so unhappy with myself and I don't know what to do anymore, I really really want to lose more weight even though I weight 10 stones I just can't see the weight I have lost and I think that other people might think that I have added on weight or that I am fat. I'm unhappy and don't know what to do anymore.


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  • Hi there

    Don’t bet yourself up. At least you exercise regularly. Try to focus on the positive. From want you have written it appears that you have lost weight and are now 10 stone (12 pounds less than me). Tomorrow is another day and you can start again. There is no point in regretting something you cannot change, learn from it and ask yourself why you think you did it. Once you have the answer you are less likely to do it again.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thank you it really did :)

  • I agree with danjay at least your exercising regular but however 10 stone is a pretty healthy weight I think your dad is tryin to say that you don't need to loose more weight as even tho you feel like you need to loose more that you havnt seen a difference everyone's eyes are telling fibs when it comes to how you look yourselves when everyone sees how you really have lost weight

  • Thank you for the advice.

  • Thank you for the advice.

  • I agree wth the other posters that you shouldn't beat yourself up about it. Although I know that easier said than done.

    Snacking is not necessarily a bad thing if you make the right choices...and there are worse things than cereal.

    If you are exercising regularly you may need to snack...your body is an engine that needs fuel to function. If it doesn't get it, it thinks its starving and will hang on to what little it has - which equals nit weight loss.

    Why not try the little and often approach. Smaller main meals with healthy snacks (fruit, veg sticks, oatcakes and hummus) In-between?

    If you keep hunger on an even keel you are less likely to over eat or make unhealthy choices.

    If the desire to make yourself sick after eating is strong then go see your GP because that's not a good place to be in.

  • Thank you for the advice.

  • Just change your mind and start with simple stemps like:

    eat after 3 hours, for exemple 8 a.m - 11 a.m - 2 p.m - 5 p.m - 8 p.m and start swimming 2 times at week about 2 hour

  • Please forgive me if I am wrong but I am going to make the assumption that you are quite young, not only from the way you write but as you've mentioned your Dad is giving you a Snack when you don't want one.

    I'm sorry you are feeling like this, lots of us on here, including myself have had serious issues with food at one time or another in our lives, this cycle of feeling guilt when you eat and then trying to negate that through exercise is not natural or good but not uncommon either, like I said lots of us have been there or are there now, the difference is that most of us are older and for that reason I urge you to perhaps seek out some professional advice, preferably from a Health Care Professional like your GP but if you feel you are unable to do that, maybe a relative or teacher if you are still at School? It might be that you don't even need to lose any weight and having that affirmed by someone qualified might in itself help.

    In the interim though, personally I would not recommend anyone use exercise to lose weight, weight loss is 99% about what you eat. Tim Noakes, who is a Professor of Sports & Nutrition, so far cleverer than you or I :) states, "If you need to exercise to lose weight, then your diet is wrong". Exercise for health, exercise for fun, you should feel good post exercise, it should not feel like a prison sentence that is then forcing you to do something you don't want to do, which in your case is eat. Perhaps you could look at exercising socially, possibly join a local running, walking or swimming club which in turn could help break this horrible cycle you are in.

    As mentioned by a previous responder, if you exercise then you need to fuel the exercise. Your body does not magically use less energy to do the same thing, instead it put something else on the back burner, like cell repair or bone health and if you are young and more so female (bone health) you really need good nutrition right now for a whole list of reasons or you could be storing up problems for later life.

    If you are going to continue exercising then fuel it, I would recommend ditching the post carby cereal snack for something like Eggs, the protein and fat will keep you feeling less hungry and nutritionally they are fantastic or nuts, such as Macadamia, Walnuts, Pecans or Almonds or even fresh Coconut.

    Good Luck

  • Thank you for the advice :)

  • Hi Kiran666

    You post quite frequently on here about how unhappy you are and your posts seem to be getting more desperate. I have suggested before that you should perhaps talk to someone about this, perhaps your family or a friend or maybe go and visit your doctor and tell them how you are feeling. You keep saying you don't know what to do anymore and I think you perhaps need different help than you will find here. Good luck!

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