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One year on and the wonders of cauliflower

I am posting this on the weight loss forum and c25k as, for me; they have been very closely linked.

Many of you will have read most of this before but I thought it might encourage some newbies.

In 2013, I decided it was time to lose some weight and get fit. I had always walked and used to hill walk but that had gone by the wayside and my weight crept up. It initially increased over 20 years ago when I stopped smoking but the weight was certainly better than the cigarettes.

I decided on the NHS 12 week plan and planned my meals and exercise. I was going to aquafit & jog Scotland once a week but started walking more as well and was also doing heavy gardening.

Part of my inspiration was two people I knew who both had lost several stones.

Over the course of the rest of 2013 I lost about 22 lb but I still needed to increase my exercise. I had various muscle problems running at jog Scotland and it was recommended that I had gait analysis for new running shoes and that I went to the gym to increase core strength. Both worked really well but I still lacked motivation to get out of the door and run more than once a week.

That’s when I started c25k just a year ago and graduated at the end of March. Meantime the goal posts were moved. A so-called friend, for my 59th birthday in January, entered me in a local marathon that was to be on 2 August. Therefore, I started training. There was no way I was going to run 26.2 miles but I did it by jogging and walking in 6 hrs 34 minutes. My weight loss and continued exercise were encouraged by the positive reactions I got from people and how amazing I felt, although I did not lose or gain weight while I was marathon training as I was

The past 3 months thing eased off a bit as I was away in Malaysia in October and it was too hot & humid to exercise and I put on a couple of kilos.

Now I am back on track to lose those kilos and a couple more and back at the gym & out with my new running shoes. (That’s not quite true – it was so wet today I wore my old ones :-)). I am back to counting calories and the cauliflower? Well a few weeks ago, I had posted that mashed cauli is a great substitute visually for mashed potato and Olsbean added that whizzing it in a processor to look like rice then steaming or stir-frying is good too.

So for all of you starting out, it is sooo worth the effort. I am fitter than I have ever been in my adult life, although I will never be a fast runner.

Good luck with your weight loss and fitness and a healthy 2015

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I am 63 with one dodgy knee, so I'm not a runner but I can walk an hour or two on the flat three times a week. Better than just sitting aroun!

I really like your cauliflower suggestions, I lost 22lbs and am now just 6 stubborn pounds away from target , think I'll def try the cauli trick. Thanks.


When done Windswept on your fantastic weight-loss journey, completing a Marathon is not only an epic achievement and no small feat but testimony to your success!

Cauliflower is fantastic, I have bags of the stuff blitzed and bagged into Rice Portions in the Freezer, so quick and easy. Had Courgette Spaghetti last night with meatballs, another great way to cut the carbs. I'm making some grain free crackers today, mainly from Sesame Seeds as I've fallen in Love with Cheese over Christmas and always feel kind of left out when I see my wife spreading things like Brie on Biscuits :)

*I did also see a recipe for Pizza Base made from cauliflower, probably not something I would eat myself but looked interesting.


Great to hear such a success story. Losing weight is not easy!


It certainly is a struggle especially when you family members, three in total eat what they like and do not gain weight.....crisps biscuits curry's, chocolate you name it they eat it!!


i love pasta so much so that i know i over fill my plate. I lost weight 2 stone in fact through just cutting down!! Now it is creeping up again. Instead of pasta with cheese sauce i should think cauliflower this will cut the calories big time...skimmed milk for the sauce of course!! HOPEFULLY I WILL GET BACK ON TRACK!


You can make 'spaghetti' with courgettes as well.


I will give this ago...a lot of weight loss may be all psychological! Substituting one food for another and letting your brain think that there is no real change!!!


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