Day 1

Hi to all

I was going to start me new life yesterday but my family thought otherwise so I just weighed myself and i could not believe the scales, OMG i weigh 17 stones 11 lbs/ 249 lbs/ 113.2 kg. Today I have made changes to my lunch and evening meal, couldnt resist some chocolate as it was just lying there calling to me, I need to have more control over my needs.


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  • Good luck on your weight loss journey, i started at 18st 13lbs so understand your frustrations and how daunting it can feel. I am now on week 11 and 2 stone down and i can honestly tell you it is hard work, but so worth it. I still eat a little chocolate now and then as if i make it forbidden in the past i have always ended up binging, but i stay within my calorie limits and keep focused on my next goal! Take it a day at a time and you will find all the small changes you make you start to add up and you will feel so much better, physically and mentally.

  • Hi

    first step is wanting to lose weight

    second step - identify motivation to lose weight

    third step - small goal setting to achieve overall goal

    fourth step - treat yourself upon achieving each small goal

    fifth step - keep the weight at bay once overall goal has been reached by reviewing your journey over the time period its taken you

  • thank you

  • Day one for me too. I weighed in at 278lbs this morning which was surprising expected to have put on more than 2lbs. I have been ill and very inactive since the beginning of November and ate more over the last few weeks.

    I have decided to calorie count and was very surprised when I checked the calories on some of the slimming world recipes I tried in the past. Much higher than I expected.

    I have 4 stone to loose before an operation in August.

  • Good wishes with the journey to Weight loss and the operation. I have found Regular exercise to be the motivation for myself. If you can do any activity however simple I hope you will find it rewarding and motivating

  • Thanks

  • we can do it x

  • Hi

    Day 1 for me too.

    Good luck.


  • Good luck too!

  • Hi

    I'm trying out making smoothies in the morning to get a boost to keep me going, will start using the calorie counters to keep an eye on the calories, I need to get onto 1347-1732 calories a day, to lose 5 stone. So a big job ahead.

    How are you going to lose the weight?


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