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All wobble and need to take action

I'm a new member on here and thought I'd do the nhs choices way of losing my wobble. I'm 90kg, a comfort eater and serial yoyo dieter. Having tried all the diets in the world and weight loss clubs. I am going it solo and back to basics.. Eat less move more. I need a bit of help with the comfort eating and motivation on exercise.. Is anyone else in the boat?

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Yes I'm definitely in the same boat as u! I'm 88kg and 5"6! I eat no matter what mood I am in it's awful! Eat happy, eat sad, I just eat for the love of it! However I'm not on a diet just trying to take a new path on this. If tell myself I'm on a diet I curl up and practically cry with the thought of missing out! It's embarrassing. Plus I've got that big I'm embarrassed of myself. However hopefully we can help each other through this x


Hi there I am 85kgs and have started the plan almost 2 weeks ago I eat less and go for a jog every night.it is not easy but when I look at what I used be before it keeps motivating me to go forward.we can do it 3 months ain't long if we start seeing the results yu will want to lose more.welcome to the squad


Wow thanks just reading this has inspired me, I have multiple problems. And no where to turn to for help, feeling so despondent with life. One of my problems is that I have at least 4 stone to lose with binge eating being one of many issues I am dealing with. I was deprived of food when I was a little girl and the physiological damage from that has given me an eating disorder which I have battled with for over 30 years now. I am going to check out the forum No2binge . Just want to say I found what you wrote to be helpful, caring and witty Thank you .


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