Worried about my daughter losing weight


I'm worried about my daughter. She's lost a lot of weight but she just can't see it when she looks in the mirror

I took her to see the GP to get her weighed. He said her weight is fine for her height, she doesn't really need to lose anymore, she she wants she can lose half a stone and still be in the healthy range.

My daught's height is 5'5 and now weighs 10 stone. She wants to get to 9.5. All her clothes are big on her, I'm always telling her she looks good and not over weight at all.

Can someone give any advice on how I can show her and make her realise that she is not over weight.

Thank you.



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12 Replies

  • Hi,

    You can check the following NHS chart for recommendations on healthy weight.


    From the chart it looks like weight between 9 and 10 stones is healthy for someone who is 5'5.

    I don't think you need to worry if she has a target weight of 9.5 stones. It would be worth keeping an eye if she keeps worrying about her weight even after achieving her target weight.....

  • Hi,

    Thank you so much for the reply, much appreciated.

  • I think SurryMan is right I am 5/5 and when I was 19 back in the 70,s I weighed 9st 2lbs and nobody ever thought I looked too thin, I wasn,t dieting or anything just had to walk every where. Back then there was not so much emphasis on weight. I too think if she gets to 9.5 and is still not happy then talk to her. Also try to get her to loose weight by upping her exercise not by cutting out healthy food.x

  • Hi Connor,

    Thank you for replying, I do have regular chats with my daughter about diet and working out. She likes to vent out her frustration and I listen all the time them I calmly give her advice tell her what I would like to hear if I was in her place.

    I've told her that once I'm recovered from my operation we can go to the gym together.

    I know it's hard to lose weight I have been there myself, now I'm underweight not by choice but due to ill health and can't stomach a lot of food.

    I will tell her every advice you all have given me and fingers crossed it will help her. She is so unhappy lately she thinks everyone will think she is overweight.

    My husband keeps nagging at her to snack when she comes home from college, we can see she is tired and struggles to stay awake till 9pm some days. She had a blood test done and she is lacking in D vitemins nothing else.

    I'm an empathy and can feel her emotions and sometimes know what she is thinking at that moment and it really gets to me that as a mother I don't know how to make her see she is not overweight.

  • Hi

    Maybe you should suggest to your daughter that she talks to a counsellor, being worried about other people thinking she is overweight doesn,t sound right. Maybe something is not going right in college for her. I think I would lay off the dieting issue and trying to convince her she is not overweight for a while, and talk to her about her emotions and why she is so worried about what other people think about her. How long has she been in college, is she settled in well there, does she talk much about her friends there. Is she a timid type of girl that might be getting bullied, is she the sensitive type that if someone makes unkind remarks to her she would take it to heart. Maybe she is not doing well with her school work . The list of things that could be bothering a young girl is endless. Hope this might help a bit.x

  • Hi Connor,

    This is my daughter's fist year in College, when she comes home she always tells me about her day, I love listening to her and hearing how her day was and if anything new or bad happened. I know she doesn't like eating lunch at college, she says it's too crowded and don't like anyone staring at her while she is eating.

    My daughter is timid, shy she doesn't like change, it takes time for her to be happy with a new change doing something she's never done before.

    I have suggested that she should talk to a counsellor but she said no.

  • hi i was wondering how your daughter is doing now ?

  • Hi, daughter is the same. She has lost a little more weight.nshe won't weigh herself, her clothes are big on her. I took her with me to the sauna on Sunday and she loved it, she said she felt relaxed and lighter afterwards.

    My daughter can see that her face is thinner than before as I'm showing her old photos of herself that was taken a year ago.

    Thank you for asking about my daughter,Nathan's very sweet of you.


  • Has she reached her target of 9st 2lbs ?

  • I have no idea, she won't weigh herself. She keeps complaining about her clothes feeling too big. I think I will make her weigh herself tomorrow morning before breakfast, that way she will know if she has reached her target.

  • I'm still so worried about this its been 3 years , is your daughter ok?

  • Hi,

    My daughter is better than she was a few years ago. She had talking therapy which helped her a lot. She's lost some weight and looks skinny, but in her eyes she doesn't see the weight loss even though she can now wear my clothes.


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