Exercise at home

Day two - having spent most of the day whinging about the stiffness in both of my thighs - reality kick in that 30 years of no exercise other than the occasional swim, this will be a tough gig.

Today therefore i completed a 20 minute walk over lunch. Hopefully the new muscles that i discovered and were obviously hidden, are recovered enough to do another exercise at home. The good thing about taking a walk during my lunch time assisted in maintaining my challenge of today which was not to snack at work.


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12 Replies

  • Try a bath with Epsom salts that should help.

  • cheers

  • Making an excellent start well done

  • thanks for the support

  • Well done. Years ago I worked for a lady who did a 15/20 minutes walk every lunch time and instead of having biscuits in the middle of the table in a meeting she took satsumas - everyone loved them .

  • yes its good that a number of my work colleagues are all healthy eating as that is cutting down on the availability of chocolate and biscuits

  • I have just completed another day. Walked into work this morning and resisted the temptation to catch the bus as it was raining. Still feeling a little stiff and the walk down 7 flights of stairs this morning due to a fire drill at the office did not help, although feeling better now. The walking down the stairs I've classed as additional exercise - mantra eat less move more. Stuck to 3 healthy meals and no snacking. Feels good. Knowing that i will be logging on here and providing updates on how it is going both highs and lows is a good motivator. Thanks to all for your support xx

  • Hi there - congratulations so far, I'm like you, done too little over the years and now I'm starting to move again my thighs are singing after 50 lengths at the pool this morning. Felt alright when I was in the water!! Also, like you, trying to walk more as well - managed just under 2k this morning before coming into work which was good. Think I'm done for today though! :-)

  • Thank you and your exercise is brill. I did the extra 20 min by walking back to my car rather than getting a lift. Next challenge is to do a longer walk with hubby at the week end.

  • No pain no gain as they say. It will totally be worth it!

  • cheers bethany

  • Hi

    I have just completed the first week. Have managed to do some exercise everyday of at least 20 mins. A mixture of walking and keeping active in the home. Its great because its free, with no gym membership and travel costs to think about. keeping active at home is not just about doing an exercise regime. Today for instance i have spent clearing out unwanted items - 3 trips to the tip, including loading and emptying the car uses muscles i forgot i had and then washing down walls in prep for painting all had up to calorie loss. Must be doing something as i am aching a bit.

    This week challenge is to build in an extra walk at lunch time, meetings permitting and walk faster into work, hopefully cutting it down to 15 min walk in. Getting the heart pumping.

    Having lost a pound in weight this week i am aiming for 2 this week.

    Good luck all

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