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Menu and snack ideas - anybody interested in sharing?


30 blueberries - 30 cals

10 slices cucumber - 10 cals

Trail mix (25g) - 106 cals

Box raisins - 41 cals

Rice cake - 30 cals

Crispbread (Ryvita) 35 cals

Dried Mango - 100 cals

2 finger kit-kat - 110 cals

Apple - 50 cals

banana - 70 cals

Nut mix (25g) - 120 cals

I take all of these already portioned (apart from the kit kat) to work and am keeping a stock so I have choice every day!

Anyone else have any ideas??

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Clementines are 35cal

Muller light no fat toffee yoghurt 99cals

Worthers originals x3 79cals

Ryvita thins 25-35cals (depend on flavour)

Weightwatchers cake bars 84cal

Mind gone blank now lol buts theres a couple

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Excellent idea - I have some small pots, I will use some of these snacks at work


It's better not to snack at all. I don't eat until lunch and then I have my evening meal. It's constant snacking that keeps you large! I lost 42 pounds in six months on the 5:2 Diet and have kept it off since April 2013.

Here are some answers to any questions people may have dailymail.co.uk/health/arti...


Im afraid that is debatable.... the body needs a certain amout of food per day to stop you going into starvation mode in between meals and making the fat cells multiply because they have gone into panic mode... if you have cut your meals down in size to substainable amouts .. a small snack.... and I dont mean cakes, biscuts or sweets..,. can actualy help.... with this I lost 6.5 stones.... everybody has different metabobolic rate...


From Dr Michael Mosley in today's Daily Mail:

"Will I go into starvation mode?

No! This great dieting myth is based on a study carried out during World War II, which put young volunteers on extremely low-calorie diets for up to six months. Their metabolism — the rate at which they burned calories — gradually slowed as their body went into starvation mode, so they could, in theory, last longer without food.

But a more recent experiment on the effects of short-term calorie restriction produced very different results. When the University of Vienna measured the metabolic rate of people who had been on a four-day fast (eating nothing at all), they found their metabolism increased by 12 pc and their bodies had switched to major fat-burning mode.

This fits what we know about evolution. Early man often had to go without food for short periods, so starvation mode (where everything slows down, you become drowsy and burn fewer calories) would have been dangerous.

Only during periods of prolonged famine (a harsh winter, for instance) would it make sense to slow down the metabolism and wait for better times to come."


Just wanted to plug the idea of boycotting Nestlé products as an aid to weight loss and to support the next generation in having a better chance of not becoming obese (and their mothers' health too). Their various products are so ubiquitous and rarely a positive contribution. Other chocolate covered wafer biscuits are available... but not as readily so less likely to just be hoovered up.

Sometimes it is easier to do something for others than to 'deny yourself'

I'm another like gingernut49 who doesn't find snacking helpful. I suppose it depends how much control you have over your life, but I have a larger breakfast than most and if I find myself getting hungry I'll often bring forward the next meal a bit rather than snack... and then think about why the previous meal didn't really do its job.

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I think it is up to an individual how they want to consume their calories. Some will snack and some won't. This debate surely will get people thinking about what suits them!

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Sounds great- thanks for the ideas- I need a stock box myself I think. How about a satsuma 40/ bag of sugar snap peas 30/ one cup of popcorn made with no butter and a little salt and/or cinnamon instead of sugar 65 (I think) celery with one tsp peanut butter or low fat cream cheese/ hard boiled egg/

and sorry I don't have the calories on some of these- would need to get up out of bed and it's late...


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