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Help eating at work

Hi all,

I need some help/ advice on what I could eat/ foods to avoid at work. I work on the rigs in the North Sea and I'm on a 2 on/2 off schedule. Unfortunately it's not conducive to weight loss. I have asked a couple of times and the kitchen aren't able to supply even basic calorie info on the food they are serving.

Typically, there are 3 hot mains available for lunch and dinner that vary each day, chips, another potato form and 2 veg. Bread/toast and cereal is always available as is fruit and cakes. Soup is also available for lunch and dinner. I don't tend to eat breakfast but its always a fry up.

A salad bar is also available but the selection is not the greatest - I struggle with spicy foods and that's usually how they flavour the 'rabbit food' as they so eloquently put it.

As an idea:


Chicken and ham pie - puff pastry, cream sauce

macaroni cheese

battered haddock


Veggie pizza - freshly made

spag bol

Hunters Chicken - chicken breast topped with bacon, covered in bbq sauce and cheese.

I know to steer clear of the cakes and I eat as much fruit as I can, but it's the meals I struggle with.

Is there somewhere I could find out the general basics of, like, x, y and z are low fat foods, a, b and c are high protein foods etc. so I can get a better understanding of what to eat without knowing much nutritional info.

Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. There are no facilities to make your own food and taking food with me is possible but limited by bag weight for the choppers.


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