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Day one

Hi everyone I am new on here and just wanted to say hi. Today is day one of my diet so obviously I woke up hungry and have been all day! I have weighed myself and written it on the fridge to help keep me strong. I have my first weight watchers meeting on Saturday and want to be off to a good start before I go. My issue is that I have a really unhealthy relationship with food, I eat when I am happy, when I'm sad and when I am stressed and infill I find another way of dealing with these emotions I know I will never be completely happy even if I do manage to loose the weight. I have 5 stone to loose so wish me luck.

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If your feeling hungry try drinking as it can help.


Try and space out your calories throughout the day I.e. Not one slice of bread 100 cal for breakfast but 2-300 calories that way your not starving by 10am and then eating rubbish...

It's true from post above half time your hungry you can actually be dehydrated, so you need to drink more and try drinking 30 mins before and after your meals to fill you up.

I wish you luck on your 5 stone goals, many people on here have been able to achieve or at least make a big dent in that so don't fear it can be done just need will power and this community. Happiness comes from so many different places but at least if you lose the weight you know it won't be from that :) weight loss brings confidence, confidence gives you esteem and esteem helps a lot ;) maybe when you lose the 5 stone you may have different opinions on your happiness but just keep logging and supporting using this site aNd you will find its a lot easier together we all can make a difference in our lives

Good luck



Thank you all for replying, I know I don't drink enough so I am making sure I try that too and psyching myself up to jump ( slightly over optimistic) on the cross trainer once the little one is in bed. I feel like hopefully I'm at a place in my life where I can commit to this and knowing there are others in the same boat help! Thanks Amy x


I know it sounds silly but try to forget your trying to loose weight, plan your meals the day before, get it all ready if it helps then you don't need to think to much about food through-out the day!! I tried it & I hardly think about food now & so never really feel hungry!! It could be your putting to much pressure on yourself that your over thinking it & your body then feels hungry all the time xx Good Luck xx


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