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Confusing carbs

I a little confused, I not one that really counts calories but, on the myfitness app, it's days that I have currently have had 79% carbs I would have a clue if this us the way to go, I've only had fruit today, the protein and fat is lower is this good, hope someone can help me I've looked on the web and can't seem to pin point it, please help me understand

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hello ! well i personally i am a fan of low carbs you know concentrate more on only lean meat and vegetables and cut down the carbs as much as possible. the carbs make u hungry even more and if u wants a supplement for energy fruits are great and stop the cravings cause they have sugar so they definitely help in binge eating. And if you really like carbs well i suggest to not eat carbs after 2 pm cause that way the body absorbs them better. And just make a choice of carbs like rice is better than pasta or chose a whole weat bread instead of other types of bread you know until you manage to have fool control over what you eat. But 79% of carbs is a lot that 79% should be veggies and fruits on my opinion they don't make you fat and give you so much more energy. Also a great fact is the proteins like meat and the white of the egg make u full for a longer period of time also you can try a lot of soups cause they are delicious and make u stay fuller for about 3 to 4 hours a day without eating. well i say that for a personal experience i mean is your body i don't know how your body react to eat and i don't know what you decide to do but i wish you the best. :)


Hi are you looking at the pie chart? if you look at the chart with the nutrient details it gives you your daily goal, it also breaks down the fat into the different types of fat, including the good and bad fats.

Fruit and vegetables are also considered carbohydrates, I also had a difficulty getting my carb count down,when I was eating a lot of smoothies and juices, I had to eat more lean protein to increase that count,which was difficult as I don't like much meat,but including a source of protein with two different veg sources with each meal works for me.

I have eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes for breakfast, salad for lunch with meat, and chicken or fish for dinner,with veg,I also have started making veg soup and put some ham or chicken in it for extra flavour and also my protein.

I miss not having as much fruit so I have them after my meal as a snack or dessert.

Hope that's helpful and good luck.


It means 79% of your diet is made up from carbs. If your looking for a good balanced diet it's closer to 50% 30% %20%. Good rule of thumb is 1lb of protein for every kg of body weight if your exercising.

Basically, you want to add more veg and protein in your diet, fruit is sugar which is why your carbs are high and depending on what fruit it is some is worse than others. CArbs spike insulin levels which can make your energy levels dip and you feel the low after depending on whether its complex carbs or not.

So less carbs, more protein, fat is okay but you want to keep it low...protein also keeps you fuller for longer As it is harder to break down than carbs.

Nope this basic nutrition helps



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