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Day 1 - exercise at home


Have just done my first 20 min work out - bums, tums and thighs. I did not know how unfit i had become. All that said, once my 11 year old had left the room laughing and my 19 year old advising me the best way to warm up i set to it. Having completed the workout i feel strangely energized, I would recommend this to all who don't want the cost or the uncomfortable feeling of walking into a gym at this time.

My first weigh in this morning also, i have lost my first kg or the 21 i need to lose which is great. Come on all - we can do it xx


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Morning chrissy,

I ve been getting some exercise in of a different kind.... decided to sort out the junk cubard in my bed room... lots of heavy boxed...like you I didn't realise how unfit I was... feel like I have had a good work out...next to tackle the hoovering.... 1st weigh in on Thursday...


Housework is just as good. i think its about being mobile rather than couch. Good luck with the healthy eating this week and let me know how you get on on Thursday

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Well done, and I have problems trying to excersise with my kids around, as soon as I'm on the floor, they think it's time to jump on me, I was meant to start but I haven't, I'm going to start with the school run, at least I'll get an hour to myself, and it does energise the body, I think it's the, feeling good about yourself for starting, and getting the blood flowing, apparently we are ment to warm up and down,

Good luck

Zoe xx


Def recommend the warm up and cool down. My legs have been killing today when walking down the stairs. xx

To keep me motivated i am trying to set myself a small goal. Today it was not snacking between breakfast, lunch and finishing work. 5.30 reached and i had achieved it.


Well done. I'd also suggest that you make a date with your 19 year old to do some joint exercise - walking, running, whatever and then move onto taking the eleven year old to do something like climbing a hill (not too steep) closeby or just a half day of dedicated window-shopping - which will also keep you moving.

Well done to have started - my bicycle is still leaning up in the hallway, crying to be used. In my head, I am thinking that I'd go out if only there was someone who'd ride with me while I made a fool of myself. However, now I will wait until the weather is a bit better then got on with it. You have given me a start.


thank you. i have not ridden a bicycle for over 30 years. Good on you. The first step is always the hardest.


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