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I've just joined today and I have decided that with it being my 10year wedding anniversary this year I need to step up and loose a little weight, I'm currently weighing 11st and would love to loose a bit, for me so that I feel better, so tomorrow is going to be the start of a new me, I've downloaded the 5k app and I do hope that this will help me. So hello everyone and happy new year.


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  • Good luck Kerry. I've just joined too in the last couple of minutes. I was a little horrified to see I had tipped over into the 12 stone zone over Xmas, probably having put on a stone in the last 18 months. Even more horrified when I input my details to see 3 stone 1lb is my suggested weight loss! Yikes. Definitely need to take it seriously this time.

  • When I done the BMI calculation I could believe it myself. Horrified but in a way that it will push me move and loose some weight, good luck and hope it goes well for you

  • Hi

    i too celebrate my 10th year wedding anniversary in the same month my daughter gets married. After the wedding we are off for a 2 week holiday in Florida. The motivation is there for both of us. I have set myself to do 20 min at home exercise to aid the calorie loss.

    good luck

  • Good luck it's good that you have something to aim for that does help good look

  • I think what hit the nail on the head for me was a picture that was taken of me on Xmas day, so I'm going to use this as my before picture

  • Hi Kerry 82. I've just joined as well, so we are all newbies together. Let's hope that this will be OUR year and in no time at all, we will all feel better about ourselves. Good luck and a Happy New Year.

  • I know it will get harder before it gets easier I've just been stuffing myself with fruit today, I'm determined this time, good luck to you

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