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I know this is going to sound really really silly and stupid but my hair was really long and I had to get it cut, so I did on Friday. Now my hair is just below my shoulders and I really don't like it and I don't really want to go out now especially to college, im starting to get nervous and thinking about what other people nigh think. I know I sounds very silly but I really don't like the length of my hair and I every time I look in the mirror I just have to look away quickly, I just look horrible. This is a really silly post but I need to let it out, I'm not happy with the lenthf of my hair and I just hate my self sometimes.

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It's not silly, You've made a change. We humans don't like change. :) I bet it looks lovely as well. Can't tell you the number of times I've cut mine really short and then instantly not liked it. And don't hate yourself! Don't let your hair symbolize anything else.


Hey! If you think that's bad, you should have seen me when I was 14 years old, I had really long hair, up to my bottom and I wanted a change. My mom thought short hair will look good on me as my sister looked good with that hair cut...when I say short...I mean boy like type of haircut. I looked horrible and there was nothing I could do and I was 14 years old and you know how is it at that age. On top of that, I liked this boy, but obviously I almost looked like one so he had no interest in me, I was only his best friend...it was so bad and I had that picture in my id (in my home country you get your first id at 14 years old and change it every 10 years), even when I've turned 24 years old and I had to change my id in the police station I had problems cause they didn't actually believed it was me (ever since I use long hair, now it's up to my bottom again). I am thinking to cut it as well, but I'm scared I'll have same reaction as you are having right now. I have curly hair, it's not like I can get a certain haircut, I can only have it shorter or longer, not too short anyway...sorry for the long story...main idea is that hair will grow back, meanwhile it's not the end of the world, although it might seem like, try to do something to it that makes you feel pretty and comfortable with your new look (put a hair clip, I love butterflies and still wear them in my hair whenever I have the chance, or a little bow, whatever you like). Dare to feel pretty, stop thinking about yourself as a size that can't be attractive. Be positive, you never know who might notice you, when you go back to college with you new look ;) love yourself, it's the only way others will start love you as well, trust me, on top of that you can't love someone until you love yourself first ;) good luck and head up! It's just hair, it will grow back. Whenever I feel like this, I think about how lucky I am to have so much comparing to others, I hope it helps...

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Thanks for the advice :)


I understand you too :) and I also think it isn't stupid.

Now you should feel like super star or actor who play new role :) Is the way that I stay on top of my hair-problem (I felt like Noomi Rapace who played Lisbeth Salander)



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