Ok sooooooo i just feel great for lunch i ate just a tiny plate with hole weat pasta with a little lean chicken meat ..... and i feel great so far i won't feel the need to binge eating though even if i won't to eat i guess i will binge in fruits and veggies yeyyyyy... i eat some pasta cause that was the only thing it was in my fridge so i have to do some shopping but little by little i will cut down some carbs and replace it with more delicious and colorful veggies :)))) keeping up good.. And i will submit a photo of what im am preparing for my delicious dinner to have it readyy yum yum ...

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  • Sometimes you realise that some of the food you eat on a diet, can taste amazing, it all starts now, it's great that you know what your doing, and how your doing it

    Zoe xx

  • Wow, looks amazing! Came here to check on you Sweet95, how you are doing after yesterday. Well done you. Have you noted your meal in your food diary? Have you used the tool to count calories in it?

    I love the idea of posting a picture of your meal! How about starting a special thred with these? Surely others would be motivated too!

  • hey salaisa i actually am not counting calories for the moment but i am guessing and trying to measure the portions and cutting fat in my cooking like oil and also salt i am replacing it with soy sauce cause it is just great and also now i am so interested in some you tube videos of preparing healthy meals.. like i said i am taking steps little by little you know for the moment not counting just replacing and apparently i discovered a great thing in cooking :))))

  • thumbs up!

  • Guys i also forget to mention that i am keeping some journals to be like kind off more official in this lol, best wishes for you !!

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