So, my story about the scales

So, my story about the scales

I've been using the wii fit to weigh myself for 5 years now. We got the kids a wii u for christmas, an update as it were. Now, I should have just transferred all of my data over to the new console, but it was so complicated, I said to hubby, 'go on, it will be a new start'. When I set up the wii fit on the new console and weighed myself, I had gained 5 lbs. Now, as it's the holidays etc, this is actually possible. But whoah. I then decided to buy a scale from the store. It has me 7lbs lighter than the wii. SO WHAT IS THE TRUTH I ask??? It's quietly doing my head in. When I go into work on Monday I will get on the scales I have in there (they are there as part of an old food and nutrition btec task) and see what they say. But that is 2 whole days away. And in two weeks I'm going to go in for the nhs health check at the doctors and see what their scales have to say. I like numbers and I like collecting my data and I like accuracy. But on a positive note, neither scale has gone up these last three days, they have gone down ever so slightly.

My number goals:

100,000 steps a week

1400 calories a day consumed

21 to 28 lbs to loose (depending on which scale is accurate!)

and the fantasy goal is back to the point I reached in the picture!


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5 Replies

  • If your unsure you always try the scales in a local boots store they are usually pretty reliable, ive always used the wii for too as all scales ive had in the past never seem to work right. Sounds like some great goals, good for you!

  • The Wii Fit scales are not very accurate, I too found this out last year. If you aren't too focused on knowing your exact weight, but just want to see the lbs going down, continue using the Wii. Even if it is showing you 7lbs heavier than you are the lbs lost will still be the same (I usually get weighed three times on the wii to make sure it pulls the same number twice). On the other hand, you could use a different set of scales on an even, hard surface, and always placing the scales back in that same spot to be weighed. This is what I do now :)

  • When you weigh yourself, do you do it on a hard floor or like a carpet, coz I think that carpets and underlay can sponge some of the weight, it's just a thought

    Zoe xx

  • :) The new scales are on the hard floor in the bathroom. The Boots idea is a really good one, as I'm going to be dwelling on this idea until I get a better idea of where I'm at. A two and half month long festival period doesn't help with this. The doctor's scales always have me reassuringly at a lower weight than my wii. Which always meant a lower bmi. Two years ago I corrected my height on the wii. All my life (since 12yrs old that is) I have always said that I was 5 foot 3. But never was. Finally stopped the myth and put in my true height 5 foot 2 and it ruined my bmi! Grr.

    Gosh, I really like this site. Proper community feel to it. Great way to break up the marking. Thanks everyone for you comments.

  • What about the scales at your G.P.s. Our doctor's let you use them. All you need to do is ask at the reception, our G.P.s have two large digital ones in two corridors so you can be private. They even have a conversion chart on the wall behind the scales and they're also the scales they use to check your weight. Might be worth finding out as these scales are checked regularly.

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