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Well, I weighed myself on the 1st and am 11st 5lb, and have managed to stay on track with my new healthy eating plan yesterday and today, only thing is I have had a terrible headache today. I ended up having to have a lie down to sleep it off. I am wondering if it's to do with cutting out all the sugary stuff and if anyone else has the same and how long it lasts?

I have been suffering with tonsillitis over Christmas too so not able to do much excercise yet, but will be starting walking once I am over that.

We are visiting my sister in law in Florida in November so it's my goal to lose around 2 stone by then. My weakness is sweet stuff especially cakes and chocolate so that is what I am craving. Any tips appreciated and best of luck to all who are on this journey.

Deborah x


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16 Replies

  • Hello, I've only just joined today, I'm trying to lose around 2-3 stone, I haven't started yet though as I've only just signed up, apparently if you eat more fruit it helps to reduce your cravings for sweet things, I'm a bit of a sucker for chocolate, especially the strawberry and cream one, which thankfully the shops near me have stopped selling, congratulations on your progress

    Zoe xx

  • Thanks Zoe and best wishes with you weight loss, I'm sure it helps if you have support, and yes, I think fruit is going to be my friend now!!

  • Well it's going to be mine too, I did try to loose weight before, but I found that the walking of 6 miles every evening, done nothing, I was so upset that I gave up, but I also tried the stairs, just two stairs, up and down for the first three days, 5 minutes, then up to ten for three days, then 15, but then I'm not quite sure why I stopped, but that is where I'm going to start tomorrow, only thing is, is that I suffer with a lot of back pain, but I think maybe I'm going to try and make my back stronger too, it might help, I really hope you reach your goal, infact, just keep thinking that your loosing weight, and never let your mind or anyone tell you otherwise, and maybe try the stairs, and then after you've done the stairs, carry on and do some stretching and light jogging,

    I want to start jogging, but I'm a little embarrassed by my boobs, I don't even run for the bus anymore incase I get a black eye,

    Anyway, good luck, I'm sure I'll catch up with you again soon,

    Zoe xx

  • Hi Zoe

    Thanks for your encouragement, in fact you have reminded me that I used to use the stairs for excercise so I will start that again. I have a weighted hula hoop and I have started doing 10 mins per day, and plan to up it to 20 mins as I get fitter, as I think this really helps your core strength.

    Best wishes, Deborah x

  • Hi, I'm glad to help, it's funny sometimes, the answers are right in front of us, but we are all stuck in a, when, where and how to start, we end up forgetting that, sometimes the most simplest methods are the best, and I'm sure that we can all pick up some good ideas from everyone else along the way, and hopefully most of them can be done at home, I think what we all need to do, (and saying this i probably won't lol) we need to write down the food that is allowed, and the excersises that you want to start with, then from there, get food tips and advice on here to add to our own homemade kind of mini plans,

    What do you think

    Zoe xx

  • Well, day 3 and managing to keep on track despite this lingering cold. I have even ordered a cross trainer to use at home, having been to the shops and tried one out. I love walking, but the dark night and bad weather make it hard, so hubby and I decided to treat ourselves! Hopefully this will help speed up the weight loss, and encourage me. Xx

  • Hi I usually get headache as well probably as I cut down on caffeine. A couple of day and it should pass. Drink lots of water and herbal teas. Good luck. X

  • Maybe on the caffeine or favourite drink, we should go out and get smaller cups? So if I had a smaller cup I would take one sugar instead of two, hmm since I'm just starting, that might be a good starting point,

    Good luck xx

  • Hi Deborah,

    I have changed my diet quite drastically as well since 1st of January and I can't say I have experienced headaches this time, but it is normal to feel a bit sick when you start eating healthy, as your body is trying to eliminate all toxins. Sometimes you may even experience nauseas and/or vomiting, it's normal. After your body acomodates with your new diet you will feel sick if eating unhealthy food. Try to drink plenty of water, sometimes we are actually thirsty not hungry, but our brain sends the wrong signals. When you have cravings for sweets try to eat fruit instead, but don't exaggerate, as fruits also have sugar, it's just easier for the body to process it. You can also distract yourself by talking to someone or doing some fun activity or whatever keeps your mind busy and "out of trouble". Good luck and keep up with the good work!


  • Changing your diet drastically will make you feel ill, not eating healthy food. It's best to change your diet slowly to give your body a chance to adapt.

  • When i say drastically I mean to a better healthier diet, no refined sugar, no fizzy drinks and nothing that comes in a package. I only eat home cooked food by myself and eat more raw food and less fats, nothing fried. I don't mean I am starving myself. I drastically change my chaotic diet to one as healthier as I can and I don't think that is bad. If you have a bite of something with sugar, you might not be able to stop at just having a bite so you better have none at all ;)

  • Glad to hear you have changed to a healthy diet.

  • Hi all, thanks for all your replies and info, most helpful. On the caffiene front, I don't drink it anyway as I suffer with migraine, so I shall just drink more water and I'm sure that will help. Xx

  • hi

    thanks for recommending my post. from reading your journey so far you appear to have it nailed so far. keep up the good work. I am finding healthy eating and daily exercise and cutting out snacks have been great so far.

  • No problem chrissy47. I have just had my 1st week weigh in and am so pleased to report that I have lost 4.5 pounds, much better than I expected. I too have cut out the rubbish and been eating healthily and doing some daily exercise. Seems to be working so now I am motivated to stick with it. All my previous attempts haven't even lasted a day, so I am well happy. Best wishes, Deborah xx

  • Hi Deborah

    That's great. I lost 2 Ib my first week so your achievement is fab. Keep it up, my second weigh in is this Sunday. I have purposely not weighed myself in between as its easy to become de-motivated if there is a slight gain and weight fluctuates. wish me luck

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