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Best day and Worst day

Today it was like the best day but the worst in the same time .. so my boyfriend had prepared this special day just for us and i actually was really excited and had fun. In the morning we went out for coffee and well he smokes but also it is supportive of me , but my stupid self that can not spent another day without smoking started to smoke again, anyway we went in this really great Chinese restaurant for lunch and we had like so many great foods and i eat and eat and eat and we enjoyed a really great bottle of wine and then some great dessert. after that we went in this other bar and again drank some cocktails and after tat for dinner we were in this really great piano bar and drank wine and eat some antipasti. i really had fun today but right now that i'm at home i just have this crazy headache and i just want to cry and cry cause i didn't keep my promise to me i smoked and drank and overeat and i fill physically and mentally so bad like i want to throw up. You no i am really scared not for this day but what is going to be next cause the temptations are so big like all my friends smoke and for me that i have been smoking regularly for 4 years is really difficult to quit but i really want it and i am with my friends everyday most of the time and just being in their environment its very difficult or like when everyone is drinking and we are out to have fun like most of the time we always eat junk food or over drink alcohol is really a huge problem. i'm just so emotional right now and i just don't know how to solve all of this cause you know i don't want to smoke and as long as i was alone at home i managed not to smoke but in the minute that i was with my friends it was just so difficult. The real problem is the environment and my social life and i really don't know how to deal with it. i really need a great support right now , please you guys if anyone of you just give me some advice. i really don't wanna do this but at the same time i really don't want to stay apart from my boyfriend and my friends.

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Oh, now it makes more sense what you said on the thread started by paulineg! That's a really tough scenario. In that case, really focus on just one of them! When I stopped smoking, I had to go without alcohol and tea for 6 months (both massive triggers for wanting to smoke). See you friends a bit less for a while? Or during the day? Or in a cinema/gym/other place where you can talk but not smoke and drink?

I really really feel for you. The bad news (and the good news) is that nobody can do this for you. Only you can find the trick or will power. Focus on every little success (like saying no to one ciggy) and draw strength from it for the next one little step. One hour at a time, one little victory at a time. Sending a huge positive vibe your way.


thank you Salaisa, I really appreciate your words, well i guess i won't let the negative small things to determine my life.


Have you considered e-cigarettes my father in law has switched to them after many years of smoking and it is working for him. Also you could try to swap your drinks for long drinks instead ie wine spritzer instead of a glass of wine. That way they will last longer and you will drink less.

You need to try to remember it's just one day and start afresh tomorrow. We all slip at some point but what's important is getting back up and trying again.


well i guess you are right but i actually live in albania so we don't have that option here so it is a little bit harder but anyway thanks guys


Try chewing gum and find something to do when you feel the urge.

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We are all allowed a day off, don't worry, just carry on tomorrow, and as for smoking, I think if I was to give up, I would need to want to, and to be honest, I don't, I like smoking, they should make fags taste bad to put people off them, lol, anyway, there's no point beating yourself up over it, you had one special day, and lots more than that to work it off, just work extra hard for a couple of days or a week, then that's that

Good luck

Zoe xx


thank you so much zoeb, yea i agree with you they should make that taste bad lol... after all you are right it is a day off but i'm just not going to do everyday like a day off :))))


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