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Five months on

On August 1st, five months ago to the day, I made some sort of pact to myself to lose weight and get back to the healthy (and happier) person I used to be.

It's now January and what's happened?

I've been a bit rubbish with blogging on here, but then I have also been busy, getting a job and then ditching it for another. Also rekindling a relationship, travelling for a month and all sorts.

In terms of the weight loss, it has been (as can only be expected) a journey filled with ups and downs - or rather, little weight gains and losses. However, I'm pleased to say that I feel that I've done quite well.

Five months ago, I weighed 12 stone 7 pounds. Today, and after a large dinner too, I weigh just about 11 stone. The scales can't seem to make their mind up, but it's vaguely in that area.

I have to say, I've pretty much stayed at the weight I am now for the past few weeks. I've had very little time to do any exercise at all, and this is something that does bother me and as such, is something that I would like to change once I feel settled in my new job.

Regardless of the setbacks, I've made progress and really hope to continue it in 2015.

All the best of luck to you too if you're in the same boat :)


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Weigh yourself at the same time , either undressed or dressed, do one or the other, each week


Hi Diana,

Thanks for the tip :) I do tend to do that generally, but have been so busy with and concentrating on work that I hadn't weighed myself for a good few weeks recently. I think I may try to get back into the habit of doing it (once a week) to keep an eye on my weight, and make changes accordingly.




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