New year, new clothes :-)

Hey all, after 10 weeks i treated myself to some new clothes and they were all at least one size down :-) it felt great and definitely much needed motivation to keep going. Ive also bought a hoodie in a size 10 to give me something to aim towards. A visual reminder, i will get there!! I now know more than i ever hace before that i can do this.

Just want to thank everyone on here for their continued support and motivation. You all help me get through on a daily basis x


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7 Replies

  • Well done :-) That sounds a great idea. I have a jacket that is virtually brand new buried at the back of my wardrobe. It's a size 16/18 and I only wore it a couple of times for Church on a Sunday. I now wear about a 24/26 depending on the style.

    I'll find somewhere to hang it where I can see it and I'll take a picture of it and put pictures of it on the fridge and the cupboard doors.

    Well done!

  • You must have been too big too long . I have lot's of clothes too small and getting smaller.

    I am determined to put that right.By the way I am 81 now so I need to be quick.

  • My main problem is that because of my disability I can't exercise. At one time I weighed over 18 stone and managed to lose over 6 stone. That's when I bought the jacket. Then I went through the menopause and put a couple of stone on. I spent last year again trying to lose weight and lost 1/2 stone only to put it back on again. So I joined in the hope that this year will be different.

    Good luck with your weight loss journey.

  • Good luck on your journey, it shows just what a strong person you truly are. All the best for 2015

  • I saw the idea on biggest loser, they had a dream outfit to aim for, and although i havent found a dream outfit yet, its a start. I have before pics on my phone that i can look at everytime i want to quit. Keeps me focused. Good luck with your weight loss journey

  • My target is for a size 10 dress for my cousins wedding in July!

    Do you have any tips on how you have done so well so far? X

  • Hi

    I have stuck to 1200-1400cals each day and do steps up between 10-30mins each day. I also do weights 3-4 times a week at home. In next week or so i plan to get a cross trainer to up the intensity of my exercise. I use a garmin vivofit to track my steps each day and try to beat the daily goal it sets me each day.

    Its hard work but so worth it been forever since i stood in a changing room smiling at the clothes ive bought. Stay strong you will get there

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