being realisic

I got up this morning thursday 1st jan 2015 .... and decided this was going to be my year....

I weighed myself and nealy died..... with embarresment....

this time last year I weight 70 kg and was a size 12- 14....

today I weigh 91 Kg....

this is a year for no excuses.....

so any help and motivation will be gratefully recieved......

Happy new year... and I hope you achieve your goals ....


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12 Replies

  • I too this morning decided that I need to lose weight......I have 2 weddings to go to in May and need to lose at least 3 stone by then or I will look hideous in the photos :-( argh!!!

  • Similar story....last year 79kg this year 97!!!! Awful....been in denial too long......bring it on......i am on a mission to lose at least 20kg......good luck

  • I've also done the same, got up, weighed myself and then hid under the covers with embarresment. Its time to dust off my running shoes and rejoin the gym, the only thing I'm going to do this year is to stick at it and hit my target. Good Luck to all and keep us updated along your journey. Happy New Year to all.

  • Hi

    i feel your pain, i have 20 kg to lose for my daughters wedding in Oct. I have signed up for the nhs 12 week plan and plan to park my car just outside of the city centre. its a 20 min walk into work with added bonus of free parking!! This will help to burn off the calories and i have found keeping a log of what i eat and the exercise i complete keeps the motivation going. My first completed week is this Sunday and so far on target for first 1 kg loss

  • I get that! Same here and that's not just Christmas 2014 weight gain for me...its about 10 years of gradual weight gain with on and off dieting. I'm committing to the 12 week plan to kick start some long overdue lifestyle changes for good this time. This is the last time I'm losing weight! No more burying my head in the sand.

    I'm planning on exercising more and that includes exercising my willpower muscle! Hoping that the forum will help with motivation.

    Good luck to all New Year Starters!

  • Good luck and well done on making a great choice to put yourself first. Hope you find the support and motivation on here that i do

  • Good luck to you all, we can do this. xxx

  • Same story here. Gradually put on weight over many years. Especially since having my daughter in 2010. Did the c25k last year but unfortunately abandoned it once the bad weather and dark nights came. I still do Zumba and swimming most weeks. The trouble with me is I like to see results fast and weight loss is not like that for me. Failing to lose weight literally makes me feel like a failure. I basically eat when I am bored, need comfort or as a reward!! I need to amend these traits. I need to exercise more but my hubby's shift work makes this difficult. I lost over 4 stone many years ago. But I did much more exercise and was much younger. I am sincerely going to try. Monday is my start date. Back to work. Back into routine. Lose weight to look better and to be healthier. Improve my fitness.

  • First of all I'd like to say congratulations on starting your journey, some struggle to even start.

    For me I was in the same boat except all my family tell me I'm good looking and don't look like I need to go on a diet and I'm fit coz of sport...but same I put on the weight and I ballooned up from 32inch waist to 37.5 before I properly started...

    You knew your body better than anyone and most just want to tell you what you want to hear.

    So I bid you good luck in your journey coz that's what it is, use the forum,s ce rate weigh in days and ask community to join with you....And u lose and be accountable together

    J x

  • thank you for all your encouragement....believe me its always nice to know that there are other people out there fighting the same fight....and maybe with us all being there for one another we can meet our goals ... x

  • You certainly can reach your goals, joining this support group and the Monday weigh in threads it's something that makes you accountable and you don't forget that your losing weight :) x

  • I feel sorry for lots of you, comfort eating doesn't, no buts, no ifs, it short term fixes!

    Get back on track and such the bad habits

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