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Lost two stone gained a stone :'(

I lost two stone by cutting out butter and eating less biscuits crisps etc. Having one biscuit instead of half a packet and it worked and being totally aware of what I was going to eat. I walked as much as possible,when helped my weight as well as my mental health. However now I am wanying and I am looking here for support!!! I must get back on track. Struggling to tie shoe laces and turning in bed is no joke!!! Here's hoping :-D

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Looks like you started out well, try to be positive and see the great work you did losing the weight, the smaller we get the more exercise we need to do to lose the rest of it. Try increasing your daily exercise and have a look at what you are eating and make adjustments if you need to. Good luck and stay strong youve already shown you can do it so believe in yourself :-)


Starting Monday when things are back to 'normal' :-D


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