Hello everyone. My name is Ed. I would like to wish every member lovely happy and healthy New year. Well , I am here to make friends and also lose weight !! Probably I am asking too much. If anyone would like to be my pen pal and like to motivated by me or the other way round please don't hesitate to drop me a line .It is the new year the new begging for a better life .


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  • Hello happyfriend, i am so happy that another member joined this community. I am a new member also and i have to say that so far i am getting the right motivation needed to keep up the process of changing my life in a better way. I just wanted to congrats you first for taking the courage to do something better for yourself and also showing you that you are not alone in this journey. Keep up with your goals ;)

  • Hi Sweet. It is my first day too and I have been really good. I went for two hours walk along beach ( I am in Dubai ) eat salad and drunk water. I took some photos to which I can share with you. I listened to nice music which helped to walk faster !! I opened my fridge door million times and didn't pick up anything. I guess so far so good.

  • Hi, I am starting once again to lose weight. I know that when I have lost weight in the past I have felt much more confident and less anxious about everyday life. The only thing that has helped me lose was joining Slimming World which I was trying to avoid as cannot really afford it. But I think that I am someone who needs that support. Also just bought s Nutribulett Pro so hopefully this will help. I am looking for someone who will be my 'new me friend', someone who will talk and share.

    Good Luck everybody x

  • Sounds like you and I are it the same boat so to speak!!! I lost weight two stone and have gained nearly a stone of it back :'( . On Monday I will start again. Cutting back on little things and being aware of what I am eating instead of shoving it in my mouth.....like a secret eater. Good luck! :-D

  • Hi. Let me know please how you are getting on . I will be waiting to hear MORE from you on Monday. ED.

  • New England I went to the nurse to get weighed at no cost. Worth a try!!!

  • Hi. I love being your new friend and travel the journey loosing weight together and encourage you and support you all the way.

  • Hi, if I start SW on Monday I will keep you updated. I do find that I get a bit obsessive and scared of being weighed. I just need to adapt my eating and walk the dogs more x

  • Hi. It may be a bit difficult to adjust to new routines but surely after couple weeks of new adoption to eating habits and exercise you won't go back to old dark days. I am with you.

  • Hi, I've just joined today, I'm looking to lose weight and have a better life for myself and family, if I'm feeling better about myself, the kids will feel it too,

    Zoe xx

  • Hi Zoe. Pleased to know you. I can assure you that 2015 will bring out a new you. Filled with confidence and happiness. You know laughing is contagious. It will make everyone around you happier. Let me know how you are Zoe.

  • Hello again! I've found for me dividing my day into five bits works well, b'fast, mid morning snack, lunch , mid afternoon snack, and dinner, just bought a wok, and getting a Ken Hom book, so that should be fun!

    Used it twice, a distraction from takeaways..........on my way to losing 4 to 6 lbs.

    I have also used the basic structure of blood type diet, and some foods so affect me, such as normal pasta ( I use spelt or rice), cornflour and a few other foods.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi Ed weighed myself this morning and have lost a couple of pounds. I am working all week so hopefully that will help!! Good luck to you too!!!

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