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Hi all

Just found this great site and hoping to get some support to lose the weight I need to. I have always been in control of my weight but my only sister died suddenly last year and since then I have been eating like there's no tomorrow! I have put on 2 stone and feel bad about my self and appearance and really unhealthy. I have finally decided to get back to "me" again. I am currently 11 stone 6 pounds, and aiming for my usual weight of around 9st 7.

Any tips welcome and I thank you all in anticipation. Xxx


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Hi Deborah

I'm new too so you're not alone!!

Good luck


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Thanks Sue, you too xx



I put on a lot of weight when my Dad died - I suppose it was comfort eating, and eating as I felt guilty about the circumstances in which he died. I went for counselling and this has helped me come to terms with it, and I have eventually after 3 years found peace and closure.

Good luck x

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Oh I do understand. When my husband died I put on 3 stone in 3 months. My doctorwas far from helpful, put me on anti depressants, which just added to the problem. Now some 7 years later I am still battling with this and other problems. But I am determined to crack it, and get back to a reasonable weight. Just keep trying, and dont give up because of one bad day. Think one day at a time.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think your one day at a time advice is great, as I usually feel like giving up after a bad day. I do hope you also manage to get to a place you feel comfortable with. I will keep posting my progress as this will be an incentive.

Thanks, Deborah x


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