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Dear all,

I want to thank you for the encouraging messages and for showing that you care. Unfortunately I am going to some really bad things in my personal life now and I didn't had much time to go online and reply. About my eating habits...well it's a bit difficult to care about it when you pretty much don't care about anything at the moment and you just need some afection...what I can say is that I try not to buy any snacks and I haven't bought any fizzy drinks for holidays...not that I have actually celebrated Christmas this year anyway...It was the most depressing and dramatic Christmas and I couldn't actually enjoy this special holiday...All I can hope is that next year will be better. I'm sorry for being such a drama queen. I think I'm not as strong as I thought I will be...lots of love to you all and a happy new year!



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8 Replies

  • We all go through bad patches, the fact that you have still avoided junk food and fizzy drinks and are still standing shows just strong you truly are!! Cry, rant, rage let it all out and when your ready you will be glad you stayed strong.

    Im sorry to hear you had such a horrid christmas, hope the new year is better for you

  • Hey,

    Thanks for your reply. It's not like I was looking comfort in food it's just that I might end up on the streets I don't care much about what I eat anymore as long as I still have something to eat, I don't even have apetite at's a really complicated situation for me now...but thanks for your support. I appreciate it.

  • I can understand the stress you are going through, my partner was homeless for 7 years before i met him, and he still worrys now that it could happen again. the system sucks and i was appalled at how councils are just a joke. I really do hope things get better for you. No one deserves that sort of thing

  • well exactly that's my partner decided he does not love me anymore and if I get a divorce I will end up on the streets as I have no savings and I am a full time student, not only that I am heartbroken, but I also fear what the day of tomorrow may bring me...things are really difficult and I am trying to take everything at once, but it''s not easy...suddenly my desire of loosing weight it's not that important anymore...but thank you all for the support it feels better to see that some people care, I don't have any family here and just a few friends who unfortunately can't help me to get out of this situation...I really appreciate all your good words. Thank you all!

  • Im not sure what help you have in your area but there are companies that will try and help you, maybe try student accomadation? I dont blame you for not worrying about your weight at the moment. Give yourself some time to grieve your relationship and sort things out. No point adding extra stresses to your life right now

  • I am trying to get at least a summer internship, I doubt that any company will help me financially speaking and student accommodation is really expensive, it is more than I pay where I live now. thanks! I will try to find out what I can do to get out of this situation, but I think I should wait until after new year as most of people don't work in this time of the year...thanks for the tips!

  • Don't give up, just take one day at a time. Happy New Year.

  • Thank you! I'm trying. It's just a bit too much know? Sometimes it tends to be more than you can take in that specific moment...

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