I can't stop thinking about my weight now, i am starting to think about when I go out do people think i am fat, i think that's what people think and see of me when i am out- that i am fat. I get unhappy because its always on my mind and I am still not happy with my weight or with myself. I don't really want to go out because I am thinking that people see me as being fat.


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  • I used to think like this before i was able to do something about my weight i had to tackle the emotional side of things, talking therapies really helped me through my anxiety and low self esteem. Now for the first time in over a decade i am putting myself first and doing something for me.

    There are some horrible shallow people that will think this, but the majority of people are actually not thinking it at all, its the self doubt in your mind mostly, as no one is perfect and you will probably find everyone has something they dont like about themselves. If you want to lose weight but dont want to exercise in public, do what i do and exercise at home, no one sees me and i feel better for it. I started simply and built up intensity, now i feel guilty if i dont do it lol.

    if you decide you want to lose weight for yourself so you feel better about yourself then this forum will help you, they are really supportive people here.

    good luck and remember we are all our own worst enemy, but you dont have to be.

  • Thank you for the advice. I was a bit over weight due to stress but I have lost the weight and now I weight 10 stones. The problem is that I can't see the weight that I have lost and I am starting to think that I have added on weight and that people can see that I am fat even though my family has told me that I have lost a lot of weight and that I am not fat. I exercise a lot and eat less than I use too.

  • I can understand that, ive lost 1st 9 and although my clothes are baggy i cant see an actual change in body shape. But im still trying to be positive.

    Its great that you have lost the weight, its an amazing achievement!! You should be really proud of yourself! Start to love yourself, you deserve to be happy. As suel18 says it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks. Be you!!

  • Hi there.

    Thanks for the post.

    Great advice and just what I needed to hear.

    It seems everyone is running now and it just doesn't seem comfortable for me.

    All the best.

  • Does it really matter what other people think? Really?

    Don't they like you for who you are?

    Are they thinking that you think they're fat?

    You have to start believing in yourself, respecting yourself and loving yourself .

    I'm sure with time you'll lose the weight because I know you belive in yourself.


  • Thank you for the advice. I was a bit over weight but I have lost the weight since and I weight 10 stones now. but I can't see the weight that I have lost even though my family has told me that I am slim. I am starting to think that I have added on weight and that people think that I am fat even though I have been told that I am not. But I exercise and eat well.

  • If by 'people' you mean strangers, passsers by, just random people you encounter then trust me, they aren't judging you on your weight they're barely even noticing you. When you go out are you looking around thinking 'he's fat' 'she's fat' or do you notice a pretty coat, a nice smile or a pleasant greeting? Being overweight is not unusual these days. I've been overweight for 20 years- the only people to comment on it are me, my doctor and my dad who'd like me to be healthier. If people I meet are thinking it then it's not stopping then being friendly and it hasn't stopped me achieving my goals.

    It sounds as though you've become a little obsessed with your weight and if you can't stop thinking about it by yourself then you could approach your GP for some counselling.

    I hope this helps :-)

  • Thank you for the advice :)

  • I am the same. Weight never bothered me.. it does now, from size 10 to size 18, I think about what others think about me, judge me

  • Stop complain, start be all to be person that you want to be! :)

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