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Back to reality

Hi all hope you had a good christmas?

I overindulged a little but yesterday but once a year isnt going to hurt. Today i went walking around town for a few hours and got back to my exercise, was really proud to know even with the temptations still in the house i was able to get back on track so easily :-)

Back to work tomorrow, but after the last 9 weeks doing this, i feel so much better about myself and my clothes are starting to get too big so finally seeing a visual difference in myself, my pj bottoms actually fell off while i was skipping lol. So optimistic that this next year i can finally reach my goal weight, this time round its forever no more yoyo weight and being lazy. New year, new me and so much happier for it.

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Well done you, this is the best time of the year for me. the whole family round really enjoy Christmas. So if I put on a little so what I've enjoyed my self so there is no point beating myself up over one day. So to all my cuddly chums if you've done the crime now do the time . With a positive attitude like fibronfedup, new year new start go for it.


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Bless ya good way to think though. Sure everyone worked harder to get rid of the excess.

Happy new year to you too


I am so happy that is the Christmas end :) I love Christmas but for me there are to much food, to much laziness. I am a little pounds of my self because gain only 2 pounds and lost it :)



Thats great! Well done on losing the 2lbs. Definitely more temptations around christmas, but think we all did well and set us up for a great new year. I was so proud that i managed to avoid binging on chocolate as i would of done in the past. Shows me im growing which is great.


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